Willie Nelson’s Honest Answer About His New Book Makes Jimmy Fallon Walk Off Set

    huffpost– Jimmy Fallon gave props to a one-liner from Willie Nelson by walking off “The Tonight Show” set on Friday.

    Host Fallon was talking via video link with the country legend about his forthcoming book, “Willie Nelson’s Letters to America,” when he asked for his motivation for the collection of memories, jokes, missives and lyrics.

    “Oh, I don’t know. Somebody said something about money,” the 88-year-old multiaward-winning musician deadpanned in response.

    In acknowledgment of the perfectly delivered reply, Fallon got up from his desk, waved at his in-studio audience and walked off through the stage curtain.

    Fallon returned soon after, still chuckling about the answer.

    “Really, I thought it was a good idea,” Nelson elaborated. “And Turk Pipkin and I, the writer who helped me with the book, a great friend of mine, we’ve done a lot of things together in the past, so I had a lot of fun doing it.”

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