The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now Besides ‘Fear Street’

    huffpost– “Fear Street Part 2: 1978” is the most popular movie on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

    Based on a book by R. L. Stine, the teen slasher film is the second installment in the “Fear Street” trilogy. “Fear Street Part 2: 1978” was released on July 9. It follows a group of teenagers who band together to try to survive a series of murders at Camp Nightwing.

    In third place in the ranking is “Fear Street Part 1: 1994,” which premiered on the platform on July 2. The third film, “Fear Street Part 3: 1666,” is scheduled to be released on July 16.

    In second place on the list is the Russian comic book adaptation, “Major Grom: Plague Doctor.” Another foreign film in the top five is the French movie “How I Became A Superhero.”

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