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    Stephen Colbert Recaps The Nation’s Trip To ‘Crazy Town’ With Donald Trump

    huffpost– Stephen Colbert reminded Americans Thursday that they’ve been taken for a ride under President Donald Trump ― and it ended a while ago at “Crazy Town.” (Watch his monologue below.)

    The host of “The Late Show” was commenting on a CNN report that Trump allies were scrambling for presidential pardons before he leaves office to the point “it’s turned crazy,” according to a source.

    “I’m sorry, it’s turned crazy?” Colbert said. “This is the president who advised people to inject bleach, said that a dead Venezuelan leader stole the election, wanted to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland, and stop a hurricane with a nuclear bomb. We made the turn to Crazy Town a long time ago. Now we’re just doing doughnuts in Cuckoo Canyon.”

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