Singer and rising star HRVY loves when musers use his music to get his attention

    Rising star HRVY loves when musers use his tracks to get his attention
    Meet HRVY (Picture: Supplied)

    HRVY is a top muser with 1.5million followers to his name and uses the app to get his music out there.

    For those unfamiliar with the app, it is a video social network app for video creation, messaging, and live broadcasting. HRVY has been using it to share his music and loves it when his fans use it to share stuff back.

    ‘ is a whole other world,’ he told ‘I wasn’t one of the first people to use it, there was a whole year when it was super popular and I never used it. And it’s like lip syncing to other people’s music but it’s more than that because people do crazy edits and people take so much time over it.’

    On the app, people can take snippets of music and lip sync to them, which his fans have been doing to his songs.

    ‘I use to promote songs and lip sync to my own songs, or I’ll lip sync stuff I like. Fans take my music and lip sync it back. They tag me in it, try and get me to look at it, it’s really cute.’

    He uses it to gauge what will go down well: ‘It’s really good because you get opinions from younger fans. It’s good to see if your music goes well with them which is important because they’re the kids who will grow up and buy and invest in your music.

    ‘I want people to feel happy and like it, it helps me understand what I like.’

    HRVY has made a return to the music scene after taking a break to finish school, but he just released Personal, which has already had 59 million views.

    ‘We were in the studio and one of our friends played the hook of a song and I loved it,’ he said of the track. ‘The hook was ‘don’t take it personal’ and I was like ‘I need this song, I love this chorus’. We messed around with the versus and pre chorus, changed the lyrics, changed the melody, and then reproduced it slightly. That’s how it all came about. The tag had already come up and I was like I need this song.’

    HRVY now lives in LA working on his music, having moved there the day he walked out of school. He’s been making music since he was 14, back in the days he was on CBBC’s Friday Download.

    ‘I think my songs are getting slightly more mature, but they’re fun,’ he said of his sound. ‘They might change depending on how I feel but I don’t really know my sound, my sound is kind of whatever I feel like on the day.’

    Rising star HRVY loves when musers use his tracks to get his attention
    HRVY was 14 when he quit music to finish school (PIcture: Supplied)

    The year and a half break he took to finish school helped him work out his music direction and he hopes will mean he’ll be taken more seriously.

    ‘I think it was a good thing, I think I was too young when I started,’ he said. ‘I was 14. At the time I thought I was so mature. But I’m so glad I stopped, because I would have been looked at as not ready for the music industry. Or like as a gimmick. Some people can pull it off but I just felt I was way too young and no one would have taken me seriously, and as I’m slightly older people do.’

    Now he’s gearing up to head on tour with The Vamps and is preparing to release new music.

    ‘I want to do some singles, music videos, see what people like, do an album of a certain type of genre. Experiment and then come up with an album. I’ve got enough, but I want wait a bit,’ he said. Perhaps head on over to No doubt he’ll be treating to fans to a few tidbits there.

    Personal is out now.

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