Peugeot Cars: Smartphone Updates For 25 Year Durability

    On the occasion of the presentation of the E-Lion project, Peugeot unveiled the interesting plans for its future cars, including the desire to update the used ones, updating them. Simply put, in the not too distant future, every French vehicle will get an upgrade.

    After showing the futuristic Peugeot Inception at CES in Las Vegas, the historic French company has unveiled its future plans in the past few hours, emphasizing how they will focus 100 percent on electric. In addition to announcing new models, Peugeot focused on used cars, explaining how the brand’s idea is to update them, as, for example, happens today for a smartphone operating system.

    “Imagine no longer having a second-hand car – said Matthias Hossann, Peugeot design director – on the contrary, a fresh and personalized car that you can update or renew at any time, according to your needs. An always up-to-date product that maintains its value for the entire duration of its life”. The idea is to renew some key elements of electric vehicles, so that they can last longer.

    Time Period of Car Usage

    After all, in the current market and with technology advancing at a dizzying pace, thinking of keeping a car for ten years means using a completely obsolete car after a short period. Peugeot instead wants to ensure that a car can last even 20-25 years thanks to specific upgrades. It is not clear how this will happen, but Peugeot would like to renew the interior, for example by replacing the steering wheel, upholstery and upholstery, and at the same time the infotainment system and all the technology on board.

    Something similar is already happening in many car manufacturers in terms of on-board computers, such as BMW which recently updated the software for free, but in the coming years these upgrades should also be extended to other vital car components: we will see when the future becomes reality. Do you think such a plan will ever be feasible?

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