Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, And Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Oh Santa!’ Remix Is Here To Cheer You Up

    elle– Is this what joy feels like? At midnight on Friday, queen of Christmas Mariah Carey released her “Oh Santa!” remix featuring Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson, and the accompanying music video will most certainly fuel you ’til New Year’s Eve. Standing together in a magical, elf-filled Santa’s workshop, the trio donned glittery green dresses and put their own spin on the song from Carey’s 2010 album Merry Christmas II You.

    In the video, Carey calls upon Hudson and Grande to sing about asking Santa to “come and make you mine this Christmas” while elves dance around their stage with giant presents and bows. Perhaps most importantly, at exactly 2:44 in the video (you’re welcome) you can hear Carey sing her signature whistle note before she joins Grande for a little whistle-tone duet (that one is at 3:05 and, again, you’re welcome).

    Lest you be longing for even more Christas cheer, know that the song is just one part of the brand-new Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special, a variety show that also dropped on Friday on Apple TV+. (The soundtrack was released on Apple Music the same day and will hit other music streaming services on December 11th.) In her ELLE December cover story, Carey called her song with Grande and Hudson a “girls’ group moment.”

    “I hope people feel festive when they watch this special, and I hope it helps in some way,” Carey told ELLE. “Just like any really good Christmas movie or song can lift your spirits, that was the goal here.” She added, “I came to it with the spirit of ‘Let’s make it festive no matter what.’ If you go into anything with that kind of hopefulness, then it’ll happen.”

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