Maneskin’s Provocative Parody: Gender Fluid & Fake Weddings

    They were “freaked out, but theirs different”. Today, by dint of provocations at all costs, the Maneskins are instead equal to themselves. A pity, given the musical talent of the band.

    Oh my, the disc jammed. By dint of always playing the same score – that of provocation at all costs – the Maneskin have fallen back into routine. Now the talented Italian band almost seems that the music is not enough anymore, as if the notes had become a tinsel. A background to the performances from time to time designed to displace the public. The point is that, in this way, we have arrived at the paradox. To communicative conformism passed off as explosive genius (a very un-rock thing indeed).

    Recently, to promote their new album “Rush!”, the Maneskin for example staged a very rude foursome wedding complete with kisses and the throwing of the bouquet. The ceremony could not miss VIPs, influencers and sponsors, all gathered to attend the “first polygamous rock and roll wedding of all time”. The gimmick has clearly divided opinions and attracted avalanche of criticisms (perhaps this too was the desired effect).

    But – who knows why – in this case the triggered sensation was that of a banal déjà vu. More than a stroke of genius. The white rock wedding dresses, as well as the garter belts flaunted at the American Music Awards, the broken instruments on the stage of a concert in Las Vegas and some social winks are now part of a predictable communicative register. Based on very recognizable notes and deliberately over the top.

    After The Triumph in Sanremo

    Two years ago, after the triumph in Sanremo, the Maneskins were “out of their minds, but theirs are different”. So she recited the refrain of their song “Shut up and good”. Now however, paraphrasing that text, they are still “out of their mind” but equal to themselves. Which, as we wrote, is a real shame. In fact, we believe that the musical success of the Italian band is deserved and that our country can only be pleased with the fact that four young compatriots are appreciated throughout the world. However, we would not like the quartet led by Damiano David to fall into the fatal oversight of short-range popularity, based mostly on the sentiments of the moment and on the tam-tam of social networks after yet another provocation, perhaps a little kitsch.

    Rock’s sacred monsters have also always been incendiary provocateurs, but our talented artists would need a touch of originality to emulate them. A true nonconformity. By now, gender fluid outfits and fake polygamous weddings have something repetitive and parodic, although they have in common the desire to make a stir. And to think that musicians should know this: Paganini doesn’t repeat.

    This article is originally published on ilgiornale.it

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