LA Taco Bell worker fatally shot during argument over fake $20 bill

    A Los Angeles Taco Bell worker was fatally shot Saturday night by a customer who tried to purchase a drive-thru order with a phoney $20 bill, a report said.

    The victim, identified by relatives to KABC as Alejandro Garcia, was working with his son at the fast food restaurant when he was killed at about 11 p.m.

    The shooting happened after Alejandro’s son got into an argument with two men who tried to pay for their order with a fake bill, relatives told the news outlet.

    During the argument, one of the men started shooting, according to the report.

    Garcia’s son tried to close the drive-thru window to stop the bullets, but at least one of them made it inside and struck his father in the torso.

    “My nephew was close by so he closed the window but the shots … they went in,” Garcia’s cousin, Nancy Garcia del Sol, told the news outlet.

    “[Garcia] got shot in the heart, and that’s what killed him, and he died there … in front of his son’s presence,” Garcia’s cousin, Nancy added.

    No arrests were made as of early Monday, according to police.

    Relatives said Garcia worked one night a week at Taco Bell to help earn extra cash for his family.

    The father leaves behind three children.


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