Kanye West Wants To Legally Change His Name To ‘Ye’

    huffpost– What’s in a name?

    For Kanye West, a whole lot of legal wrangling.

    The rap mogul has petitioned to legally change his name to simply “Ye,” according to legal documents obtained by Variety.

    In the documents, West said he wanted to change his name for “personal reasons” but offered no other explanation.

    It’s possible West also has business reasons for the change: His request comes as he prepares to release his long-delayed album, Donda.

    TMZ says there’s a good chance the name change will go through since California makes the process relatively easy unless there’s evidence someone is changing their name to commit fraud.

    If the name change is successful, the rapper will no longer use his last name, West, which TMZ points out is ironic since his ex, Kim Kardashian West, still uses it.

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