Josh Brolin will be playing TWO very different characters in two HUGE Marvel films and fans are confused

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    Josh Brolin will be playing TWO main characters in two HUGE Marvel films only weeks apart
    People are getting a bit confused as to why Josh Brolin is playing two major characters in two Marvel films being released week apart (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

    Suspension of disbelief is kind of key in any movie based entirely on fiction, or for that matter just in part – even if it at times it’s hard for fans and viewers to grasp.

    In essence film makers ask us to step into a world of their own making, and accept that things like galactic orders of super-skilled warrior monks exist, or that a man with titanium bones and the ability to heal himself from any wound exit.

    And we do… for the most part – yeah, we’re looking at you people who moaned about the rebel ships being tracked through hyperspace.

    But, it seems that one minor detail about Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and beyond is really getting to certain sticklers for details.

    Is it a costume change? Possible continuity errors? A character being brought back from the dead (look, let’s not get started on Diablo possibly being in Suicide Squad 2)?

    Josh Brolin will be playing TWO main characters in two HUGE Marvel films only weeks apart
    It’s not that they’re hating on Josh, just a bit mystified as to why he’s appearing as Thanos one week… (Credit: Marvel)

    No. It’s the fact that the esteemed Josh Brolin is playing two very big parts, in two of the most anticipated Marvel crossover films this year. Not only that, but he’ll be seen on screen in these different roles just a matter of weeks apart (which varies depending on where you live in the world).

    OK, so Thanos has been a villain in the making for years. Reaching all the way back to when the MCU decided to plan its first 10 years cycle around the Infinity Gauntlet story line, which meant inevitably the Mad Titan would be appearing at some point.

    And, when he did, we all went into fanboy mode.

    Likewise, we all got incredibly excited about the revelation that Nathan Summers (AKA Cable) would be in Deadpool 2.

    But this is the thing that’s confusing a lot of fans, namely: how is everyone glossing over the fact Mr. Brolin is appearing in two Marvel movies just weeks apart?

    It perhaps could be overlooked that he’d be turning up in both if he had a minor role in one, but the reality is that Josh is front and centre opposite the protagonists in both films.

    Yeah, that’s kind of noticeable.

    Josh Brolin will be playing TWO main characters in two HUGE Marvel films only weeks apart
    And Cable the next – depending on which territory you live in (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

    But, it’s not really Marvel Studio and Fox’s faults entirely…

    If you think about it the actor was first cast in Guardians Of The Galaxy way back in 2014 by Disney and Marvel. But, would Fox actually care about that small fact when they started casting for their own Marvel universe, given that their X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four franchises have all sat comfortably separate from the MCU to date (and are likely to keep on doing so)?

    The answer is no. Now, the fact that Marvel has found 2018 being one of its busiest years for blockbusters to date (as a whole brand) just happens to be unfortunate.

    February has been the perfect launch pad for Black Panther, like it was for Deadpool in 2016. With audiences eager for some action in the post-Christmas lull T’Challa and co. have received an even bigger boost than the hype for the movie alone has provided.

    It also couldn’t have feasibly been launched any earlier without going head-to-head with Disney’s other triple A franchise, Star Wars. It just wouldn’t make sense stacking the untested standalone for the character against the juggernaut that is the Skywalker Saga.

    More: Marvel

    Inevitably it had to be scheduled for release before Avengers: Infinity War and that was never going to not get a premo release spot, meaning that it made sense to strike in the early weeks of Summer to dominate the big bank holidays that are usually box office winners.

    Not forgetting that Ant-Man and The Wasp is also following that a few months later – anyone else getting the feeling we’re running a Marvel marathon this year?

    Likewise Fox have found their own Marvel teams popping out a smorgasbord of films from the wonderful world of comics this year. X-Men: New Mutants was due to get a release in April this year, but has been bounced back to (possibly) capitalise on the interest and residual hype from Dark Phoenix in November this year.

    It also means that the Deadpool sequel can breathe nicely (well it should do…) in that April/May slot. But then why didn’t they just pitch it into the middle of summer? Possibly because they didn’t want to risk it going head-to-head with other releases being lined-up.

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    Or maybe it was Fox’s way of showing the Disney and Marvel men that they think their own projects are good enough to stand up against theirs? After all the first Deadpool was made on the relative (in movie terms) low-end big budget of £60 million, making its box office gross of £783 million all the more impressive.

    Whatever the reason one thing seems certain, and that is: Josh Brolin will be incredible in both roles (…right?).

    But what remains to be seen is which film will triumph in the box office stakes.

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