Jordan Klepper Trolls Anti-Vaxxers To Their Face In Epic ‘Daily Show’ Takedown

    huffpost– Jordan Klepper of “The Daily Show” took to the streets of New York City to confront anti-vaccine and anti-mandate protesters last week ― and it got weird in a hurry.

    Klepper pointed out that many of the demonstrators were smoking at the event.

    “Clearly, putting potentially harmful toxins into your body was something these anti-vax mandate health nuts were very concerned about,” he cracked.

    More than a few anti-vaxxers made Nazi comparisons.

    “We’re living in Nazi Germany. The only thing that’s missing is the camps and the gas,” one woman said.

    “That’s what’s happening right now?” Klepper asked. ”Because you can’t go to a concert?”

    “I can’t go to a concert. I can’t go to a gym,” the woman said.

    “Do you think that’s what it was like in Nazi Germany? People were bitching about not going to a gym?” he shot back.

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