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    Jim Acosta Slams ‘Human-Manure Spreader’ Tucker Carlson For Attacking Afghan Refugees

    huffpost– CNN host Jim Acosta got down and dirty with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Saturday, calling him a “human-manure spreader” for his “race-baiting” attacks on refugees from Afghanistan.

    After weeks bashing the Biden Administration for its handling of the U.S troop exit from Afghanistan exit and the subsequent suffering of the nation’s people, Carlson has now turned his sites instead directly on the refugees.

    Carlson claimed Friday in a crackpot conspiracy theory that the refugees have been shipped to America to vote Democratic and “change” future elections, apparently forgetting that a Democrat already won the presidential election.

    “First we invade, and then we’re invaded,” Carlson said ominously, warning that the refugees are “probably” coming to “your neighborhood.”

    Acosta shot back: “Over on Fox, human manure-spreader Tucker Carlson has floated yet another race-baiting conspiracy theory that tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are being welcomed into this country to change the outcome of future elections.”

    Carlson has named his concocted conspiracy theory “Operation Change America Forever” — which left Acosta gobsmacked.

    “Hold on,” noted the chyron at the bottom of the CNN screen as Acosta spoke, “It’s the far right, not Afghan refugees, posing a threat to democracy.”

    In another searing attack, Acosta called Carlson and GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Madison Cawthorn (N.C.) the “American Taliban,” pushing “theocracy and thugocracy” as they “resort to intimidation and violence” to push their extremist agenda down people’s throats.

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