Illegal Car Delivery: 150k Fine For Criminals

    Discovered by the Carabinieri a 57-year-old of Romanian origin who had the vehicles registered and made them available to various gangs of criminals scattered throughout Italy.

    He bought cars and made them available to gangs of criminals: however, a 57-year-old of Romanian origin was discovered and reported by the Carabinieri of Civitanova (Marche): the fine for him proved to be very high.

    The Investigations Started by a Suspect Fiat Stilo

    The investigations of the police started in May 2022. One evening the carabinieri intercepted a Fiat Stilo connected to some thefts in different homes. After a chase, the car ended up for a escarpment. The occupants flew, while the military found several burglary objects. The stylus was registered to a 57 -year -old Romanian owner of a car sales company and 258 other cars. But the investigations highlighted that the turnover of that company was void, and that the individual, thanks to the Dini law, had never paid any tax to the pri. Not only that: all the cars that were registered to him had been used by various criminal gangs scattered throughout Italy. Those same cars managed to evade 1,871 motorway toll booths, for a tax evasion of 84,495 euros.

    Over 150 Thousand Euros of Fine

    After clarifying the facts, all the cars registered to the 57 -year -old were radiated, while his tax code and VAT number can no longer be used to make sales. The man was accused of the crimes of error determined by the other deception, ideological falsehood and scam. The fine that will have to pay is greater than 150 thousand euros.

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