Five best highlighters for women over 50

    The best highlighters for women over 50, for mature women must have two qualities: lightness and low coverage. As celebrity makeup artist Mario Rubio says, when working with mature skin, “any excess can make wrinkles more pronounced or make the makeup look cracked.” This is what happens with makeup bases or dark circles concealers after fifty years of age; That is why he always looks for “products with very glow finishes without iridescent particles”. The makeup artist Bea Iglesias completely agrees with him: “It is better to avoid them on mature skin, as they accentuate the signs of aging.” In this way, from the age of 50, it is necessary to“Bring light to the face by recreating that of the skin itself”, as Rubio says.

    According to make-up artist Cristina Lobato, so that the highlighter does not accentuate wrinkles, it is necessary to:

    Prepare the skin: Clean and hydrate it well before makeup.

    Apply foundation: A light, low-coverage formula that helps smooth the skin’s texture.

    Use a small amount of illuminator at strategic points: the upper area of ​​the cheekbone or the temple, avoiding applying too much in areas with many wrinkles, as this can accentuate them. “When it comes to applying the best highlighters on mature skin, less is more (you can always add if you want to enhance the luminous look),” warns the expert.

    The one that is also used as a makeup base

    Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury, is a multifunctional product, which in addition to being a liquid highlighter, can be used as an illuminating and moisturizing primer or as a make-up base since it has a little tone and if you want a natural ‘bare skin’ effect it looks great. It blends very well with the skin, without gold particles or adding texture” says Mario Rubio. As Cristina Lobato says, “it looks very beautiful on mature skin because it maintains the balance between coverage and glaze very well”. This is because it is a perfect make-up primer with a ‘good face’ effect.

    The bestseller of a Spanish sustainable brand

    Saigu Cosmetics Highlighter, for its subtle, fine and elegant finish. It is another of my favorites and I love applying it from the upper part of the cheekbone to the upper part of the ear” acknowledges the makeup artist Cristina Lobato. In addition, “it has a moisturizing effect that does not leave a mark; it is a product that integrates very well on the skin, with no trace of particles or texture”, adds Mario Rubio. In this way, its formula brings together everything that the experts commented at the beginning of this article and recreates the natural light of the face, without artifice. It is a vegan product that contains 99.5 percent naturally derived ingredients and 38 organic ingredients; among which olive, rosemary and jojoba oils stand out, with antioxidant power.

    The one that mixes with makeup

    Fluid Sheer, by Armani, Because of its incredible ultra-light texture, which mixes with foundation to blend perfectly with the skin, and because it can also be combined with body moisturizer and applied to shoulders, clavicle, arms and legs to shine with their own light”, says Bea Iglesias, who confesses to being an “absolute fan” of Fluid Sheer. It is available in seven shades and gives an elegant glow, inspired by Armani organza. In anonymous reviews, they call it “bottled confidence”, and highlight its good performance on skin over 45 years of age, which looks radiant and perfected.

    The one with the ‘top secret’ effect

    Instant Eclat, by Sisley, fluid highlighters offer great results, as they adhere perfectly to the face and give a healthy effect without revealing the product what we call a ‘top secret’ effect and the Sisley Instant Éclat primer, it is perfect to achieve it”. In addition, it has an important action on the skin, which not only makes up the skin, but also improves it, since it has a complex of natural extracts that has the ability to hydrate, energize and tone. It is perfect for oily skin, since its formula is neither greasy nor comedogenic. It stands out for attenuating the size of the pores and the signs of fatigue.

    The moisturizing cream that also brightens

    Strobe Cream, from Mac, is “an illuminating moisturizing cream that you can use all over your face, in the areas where you want more glow or just before putting on any highlighter to enhance the effect of the subsequent product,” explains Mario Rubio, who adores this type of multifunction products. Specifically, the famous Strobe Cream is distinguished by a light and smooth texture that is easily applied, leaving the skin beautiful and highlighting the action of makeup. Its iridescent particles are almost imperceptible, so it gives a luminous appearance without excesses.
    This article was originally published on VOGUE Spain

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