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    CES Las Vegas Showcases Optimistic Tech Trends

    Credit: Robyn BECK / AFP

    From Thursday to Sunday, more than 100,000 attendees from a hundred countries are expected for a huge communication operation around ultra -conscious devices and services.

    The stands will occupy more than seven hectares, for the return in person of various representatives of the sector, after a 2021 virtual format and and hybrid in 2022.

    “The 2023 edition represents a new step towards the return to normal,” said Steve Koenig, one of the executives of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which organizes the CES.

    The CTA is committed to technology to reactivate the economy, as happened with smartphones or high -speed internet after the “last great economic recession” more than a decade ago.

    “This time, I think that the powerful new waves of technological change that will really remedy inflation and restore the growth of global GDP will come from the business side,” Koenig said.

    These will include robotics, virtual reality and automated vehicles, according to this expert.

    Technology increases productivity, which reduces production costs and, therefore, is “a deflationary force for the global economy,” said Gary Shapiro, president of the CTA.

    Advances in Robotics

    The CES will have new televisions, electric skates, baby strollers with autop pilot and more to surprise the attendees.

    The South Korean giant Samsung, who made the CES his showcase for the US market, showed his washing machines on Tuesday that evaluate the level of dirt of the garments and determine the necessary amount of detergent.

    He also said that he is designing an oven with an integrated camera to follow the cooking of live foods and being able to make a video about, for example, how a sufflé grows, a function specially designed for the “influencers” of social networks.

    LG Electronics presented what it promoted as the first wireless television and voice controlled by the consumer market.

    The CES also became one of the most important car’s halls, with BMW and Stellantis ads, among others.

    “The days when CES focused exclusively on televisions, laptops and appliances,” said Thomas Husson, Forrester analyst.

    “Now that the software is integrated in all devices, brands are showing innovations in electric vehicles, robotics and applied artificial intelligence,” he said.

    Tight Budgets

    Amid economic pessimism, companies must ensure that prices attract consumers who suffer inflation and are tired of living online during pandemic.

    The CTA estimates that spending on electronic products and consumer services in the United States this year will fall to 485,000 million dollars, below the 512,000 million record in 2021.

    Even so, although “the inflation and recession that will weigh in household budgets”, “the income of the technology industry will be maintained around $ 50 billion above the figures before the pandemic,” he said The organization in a statement.

    Many technology companies flourished during the pandemic thanks to the confinements, and hired in mass. With the return to normal, layoffs and budget adjustment began.

    On Wednesday, the Electronic Commerce Giant Amazon announced that it will eliminate more than 18,000 jobs, even in Europe, in the largest staff cut in its history.

    Earlier, the Salesforce group announced that it will suppress 10% of its workforce, or almost 8,000 jobs.

    For Koenig, this reality should not, however, hide the real problem: the general lack of qualified labor.

    “20 years ago, technology was a plus for a company. Today, plus are people,” he summarized.

    “The former employees of technological giants find work easily in other places, because other companies need their skills,” said Avi Grengart, a techsponential analyst.

    For start-ups, however, “it may be easier to find talent, but it has become much harder to raise funds,” due to interest rates, he said.

    The semiconductor supply chain also remains a matter of concern.

    “Shipping costs are going down and there are less delays in ports around the world,” Koenig said, “but just look at what is happening in China to understand how the situation remains uncertain.”

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