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    CES 2023: Virtual Reality, AI, and More at Annual Tech Fair

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens its doors today to celebrate the largest technological event in the world with the aim that manufacturers can announce their latest innovations. The last two editions were affected by COVID-19, but after the return to normality, this year many devices are expected to capture the attention of users.

    From January 5 to 8 in Las Vegas , companies in the sector are expected to present smart home appliances, next-generation smartphones , 4K OLED televisions, computers with spectacular graphics and other tech products that will cause a sensation.

    This fair is organized with 41 product categories , including Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality, cybersecurity, hardware , digital health and even the field of cryptocurrencies. CES 2023 will be held in person , will have the legendary stands of the brands and will include a program of conferences and seminars.

    According to the information that manufacturers have been publishing in recent weeks, these are going to be the devices that will be presented.

    Devices at CES 2023

    HTC has developed the ‘HTC Vive’ virtual reality glasses with front and side cameras that will allow users to see what is around them without having to take them off, they will have a two-hour autonomy, mixed reality will be their strong point and they will try to differentiate themselves from other brands by respecting privacy.

    Samsung will showcase a new SmartThings experience that will integrate a home ecosystem and system backed by enhanced security to deliver seamless, connected experiences. In addition, it will present a new offer in the Odyssey, ViewFinity and Smart Monitor lines, that is, its range of latest generation monitors.

    Meanwhile, the Korean company is committed to the folding screen in Samsung Flex Hybrid Folds with a size of 10.5 inches that extends to 12.4 inches, mixes folding and roll-up technologies, and is currently a prototype.

    The ViewFinity S9 will have a detachable webcam.
    ViewFinity S9 will have a detachable webcam.

    LG presents its range of sound bars , including the SC9 and SE6 models. The new devices offer seamless integration with the company’s televisions, providing the user with a highly functional experience when installing it, with more powerful sound to create more immersive environments when watching movies or series. Plus, they offer enhanced synergy with theatrical technologies like Dolby Atmos and IMAX with DTS:X.

    On the other hand, LG will introduce the 27GR95QE and 45GR95QE premium OLED monitors. The first QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440) covers 98.5% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and is available in 27 and 45 inches, while the second is a 45-inch curved monitor for gaming, with a ratio of 21:9 aspect and WQHD resolution (3,440 x 1,440).

    If we talk about sound again , LG Breeze are the result of the company’s collaboration with SleepWave to present headphones that emit noises synchronized with brain waves to help you fall asleep.

    The LG Breeze promise to be comfortable even when you sleep.
    The LG Breeze promise to be comfortable even when you sleep.
    LG Electronics

    Lenovo is preparing its latest generation of ‘IdeaPad’ laptops that will increase performance and productivity, a compact IdeaCentre desktop system with WiFi 6 connectivity, and a 9-inch Lenovo tablet and a MediaTek Helio G80 Octa-Core processor.

    There is a possibility that Sony will present the slim version of the PlayStation 5 , its virtual reality glasses or the acclaimed range of televisions.

    Microsoft would be ready to focus on the acquisition of connected and autonomous mobility , in this way, they would boost the company’s name in another sector that is outside of the technological realm. CES’s “Powering the Future of Mobility” theme reflects on the metaverse and future of car buying, mixed reality transforming service and customer experiences, and software-defined and connected mobility.

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