Celebrity Football Fans And Concert Mishaps

    Blake Lively, 35, US actress, rejoices in her husband’s agony. On Instagram on Monday, Lively posted a picture of her TV showing actor Ryan Reynolds, 46, standing in the stands of a football stadium with his hands over his head. “Bought ESPN+ just to watch my husband live with his paralyzing anxiety,” she wrote, adding, “Was worth it.” Reynolds co-owns British fifth-tier side Wrexham AFC, who played 3-3 against second-tier Sheffield United in the FA Cup on Sunday. That means there’s a replay, so Lively can keep the ESPN subscription right away.

    Lakecia Benjamin

    40, US jazz musician, crashed Prince concerts to draw attention to her talent. “No one called to book me for concerts, so I jumped on their stages to convince them to hire me,” the saxophonist told the Guardian. However, two attempts to crash a Prince performance in Las Vegas in the early 2000s failed: the first time the singer unexpectedly only had inappropriate a cappella numbers in the program, the second time a bouncer got in her way. “I had to do dramatic things to get attention,” Benjamin said. Later in her career she shared the stage with Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder, among others. And with Prince.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar

    45, US actress, is happy about a quiet change in Hollywood. “When I was younger, people screamed on set. Actors, directors, everyone. That doesn’t exist anymore.” Working on film sets used to be more stressful for women, but that too is changing, Gellar told the Guardian: “Not a day goes by that you don’t pick up a trade magazine and hear about a showrunner being fired for improper conduct would.” However, she is not quite so satisfied with the moviegoers: “Every time a Marvel film tried to have a female cast, it was just panned,” she complains. “Unfortunately, the audience wasn’t that open to it.” There is still “that mentality of the male superhero”.

    Marc Anthony

    54, US singer, has managed to catch up with moon traveler Buzz Aldrin. Anthony married his girlfriend, Nadia Ferreira, a 23-year-old Paraguayan model, over the weekend. It is already the fourth wedding for the musician. He was married to model Dayanara Torres for four years, to actress and singer Jennifer Lopez for ten years, and to model Shannon De Lima for three years. He has been together with Ferreira, who took second place in the 2021 “Miss Universe” election, for a year. Ex-astronaut Buzz Aldrin also announced his fourth marriage a week ago. On January 20, on his 93rd birthday, he married 63-year-old project manager Anca Faur.

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