American Music Icon Dionne Warwick Trolled Chance The Rapper And The Weeknd On Twitter

    elle– Earlier in the pandemic, Susan Orlean entertained the internet with her tweets about her out-of-character quarantine bender. She sent 27 hilarious and entertaining tweets that truly boosted the spirits of people who have been staring at screens from their couches for far too long this year.

    We are now nine months along in this pandemic, and another unsuspecting personality has stepped in to provide a little joy to us via Twitter: Dionne Warwick. The American entertainer, known for her iconic hits such as “I Say a Little Prayer,” took playful aim at Chance the Rapper, the Weeknd, via tweet on Saturday.

    To be fair, she warned them. “If you have ‘The’ in your name I’m coming for you. I need answers today,” she wrote.

    And, sure enough, she tweeted at Chance: “Hi, @chancetherapper. If you are very obviously a rapper why did you put it in your stage name? I cannot stop thinking about this.” She took it a step further by tweeting: “I am now Dionne the singer.”

    “Sorry I’m still freaking out that u know who I am. This is amazing!,” Chance responded. Warwick retweeted it with this comeback: “Of course I know you. You’re THE rapper. Let’s rap together. I’ll message you.”

    “The Weeknd is next,” Warwick tweeted. “Why? It’s not even spelled correctly? @theweeknd.” The Weeknd seemed just as thrilled: “I just got roasted by Dionne Warwick and I feel honored! You just made my day.”

    Warwick, who turns 80 on December 12, has apparently spent a good amount of her time lately giving shout-outs to young musicians who are overwhelmed by the fact that she even knows their names. Last Thursday, she tweeted at Taylor Swift, who seemed just as overjoyed by the mention as Chance and The Weeknd.

    Happy (early) birthday, Dionne Warwick!

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