7 ideas to overcome Blue Monday and make it a good day

    Blue Monday is what they say is the saddest day of the year it’s always the third Monday in January that has already arrived and, don’t worry, we have a battery of the most inspiring things you can do to combat it. First of all, you should know that, although it is considered the most depressing day of the year concluded a British researcher based on variables such as the weather, post holiday depression and New Year’s resolutions, there is no scientific evidence that be so. But the reality is that it has become a phenomenon and considering that the power of our mind is incredible, maybe if you don’t do anything to avoid it, this Monday will be a sad day.

    “If I think it’s going to be a bad day, my head will be directed towards it, I will do things even so that this can happen because it is what I have in mind, it is what I have believed, it is what I will create”, we say Sara Noheda, coach, psychologist and creator of the Happy Change platform. It is a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’, an explosive mixture of suggestion and attention to negative aspects of your day to day that you would ignore at any other time.

    Jump, jump and jump

    Do a little mental exercise and check your mind. What thoughts are going through your head and are directing you towards those uncomfortable emotions. Afterward “help yourself by changing your corporeality”, Noheda tells us. As Raised her arms and walking upright, jumping for a few seconds, smiling even if she doesn’t feel like it. “Move your body and refresh your mind, but don’t sit around doing nothing waiting for something you created to go away,” adds the expert. And if, in addition to all this, you practice aerobic exercise, you will be able to release the long-awaited happiness hormones.

    Let the house smell of freshly baked cookies

    It was confirmed by a study carried out by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy New York the smell of sweet puts you in a good mood, they verified it with people who were close to cinnamon buns and other sweets. So, either you pass near a pastry shop with an oven, or you make a homemade cake or cookies at home and let the smell invade you.

    fill the house with post-it 

    Write beautiful and inspiring phrases like these: ‘Everything is wonderful and everything happens for a reason’. Or ‘I must give lifetime so that it can bring me everything I want.’ As the team at the European School of Emotional Transformation tells us, “the fact of doing it makes you smile.”

    Beware of important decisions

    If Blue Monday is affecting you in any way, avoid deciding if possible. “Try to avoid making important decisions on days that are not very lucid, it will save you more than one regret,” the expert tells us.

    A sweet breakfast

    Today it is important that you include something sweet in your breakfast. The motives “It has positive effects on mood,” explains Leticia Carrera, technical director of Centros Felicidad Carrera. And how to do it in a healthy way. With grapes or banana, with homemade jam, with honey, quince or even with a homemade sponge cake made with oil. Cereals, oats, yogurt and seeds are also recommended and if you get low in the middle of the morning, have some fruit with cinnamon. It is a good alternative to put you in a good mood and to provide calcium, iron and fiber to our diet.

    Prepare a happy playlist 

    It doesn’t have to be very long, it’s enough that you have at hand two of those songs that make you dance as soon as you hear them, those that put you in a good mood and give you goosebumps. “Everyone should have a couple of songs that jump your bones if you listen to them.” Of course, choose the ones that cheer you up and not the ones that make you melancholic.

    A beauty whim

    Buying a face or body cream makes you feel good. This is not what we say, but rather a research carried out by the University of the Basque Country, which showed that we buy this type of cosmetics, above all, for emotional reasons and because they make us feel very good.

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