Mabel Gives British Vogue The Lowdown On Her Lockdown

Vogue- From herbal tea to TikTok, heres how the award-winning singer is getting through the lockdown.

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Breakfast is… My favourite meal of the deal! I make a big smoothie every morning.

Every morning I try to… Have time for myself. I use my mornings to read and to do some kind of workout – I love yoga and HIIT.

For lunch I make… Something healthy and light. Im vegan most of the time and I love things like quinoa, tofu and veg.

At the moment Im working on… Getting better at music production, so I can record myself from home during the lockdown.

I always make time to… Call my friends and family, because its so important to check up on each other. You never know what someone is going through, especially in these confusing times.

If I need an afternoon pick me up, I… Go for a walk with my dog and listen to music to clear my head.

My most-used apps at the moment are… Tik Tok! Its keeping me very entertained right now. I also love Heads Up, me and my family have been playing it a lot.


If I had to recommend just one book right now, it would be… Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Its so beautifully written.

I end my day with… A cup of herbal tea. Camomile is my favourite before bed.

My one tip to getting through self-isolation is… Communicate with people about how youre feeling, whether it be the people that youre isolating with or via FaceTime with other friends and family. We all need the connection right now, and its important to not suppress things.

Before I go to sleep I… Read! I think its important not to look at social media and my phone in general at night, so I wind down by reading a good book.


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