Healthy, Dietitian-Approved, No-Fuss Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Day

It's hard to get a nutritious breakfast in sometimes — we get it. But this meal is important, and a busy schedule is no excuse to miss out on a.m. fuel for the work that needs to get done. In fact, registered dietitian Rochelle Sirota, MS, tells POPSUGAR that some studies suggest skipping breakfast "might lead to increased inflammation, a reduction in cognitive skills, as well as insulin resistance over time."

Many people report making poorer food choices the rest of the day after skipping breakfast, she notes, because they're, well, hungry. But, she says, if someone is loading up on calories with a late dinner and evening snacks, it might not be as important to have breakfast the next morning: "There really is no rule that applies to everyone all of the time."

Though it's up to you (as other dietitians have told POPSUGAR in past interviews), eating breakfast, especially one packed wRead More – Source




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