Yep, Kristen Stewarts New Blond Hair Color Is a Total Mess (and Thats the Point!)

Kristen Stewart could probably make a paper bag look cool if she wore it as a hat, and her new botched blond hair color is all the proof we need to know that she can turn any hairstyle into a true rockstar look. Stewart's hair (which was previously ombré brown-blond) is now streaked with a brassy blond color that looks like she did it herself on a whim after a long week and a quick rummage through her unused hair products drawer — but that's the point.

"It's for a role; it needed to look like Kristen did it herself," Stewart's colorist Amber Maynard Bolt said. "As a perfectionist, it was hard to take myself out of that mindset to create something not as clean as I would normally. I even did a messy application. I put myself in the place if I was grabbing my own hair and lightening it. It's so outside what I normally do, but I loved it!" The look is pretty awesome, soRead More – Source




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