Rosanne Cash: 5 Things To Know About Johnnys Daughter Whos Speaking Out About His June Carter Affair

Rosanne Cash inherited her fathers ability to nab Grammy Awards! However, Johnny Cashs daughter is now revealing her chaotic childhood in the singers household.

It was the 50s and 60s and Johnny Cash, who passed away in 2003, was serenading America with hits like “I Walk The Line” and “Ring Of Fire.” But his first child, daughter Rosanne Cash, now 64, witnessed how that fame affected the legendary rockabilly singers family. “My childhood was chaotic, number one. I understood from a really young age that [my dad] was an artist and that his mind worked differently. And … that scared my mother [Vivian Liberto],” Rosanne told PEOPLE in an interview published on Sept. 11, ahead of her appearance in Ken Burns 16-hour docu-series, Country Music, which airs on Sept. 15. Indeed, Johnny ended up having an affair while on the road with country singer June Carter — Vivian had already been suspicious, and so she filed for divorce in 1966. Learn more about how this affected Rosanne, and how she went on to still become a respected singer and songwriter in her own right.

1. Rosanne was scared to sing after seeing what her family went through. The singer-songwriter said that her fathers infidelity “seemed inevitable, though it was so painful for [her] mom” in her interview with PEOPLE. She later added, “I didnt think I could sing. And I grew up thinking becoming famous was about the worst thing you could do. You went on the road, you started doing drugs and got divorced and didnt see your kids and everything fell apart.”

But Rosanne still called Johnny the “sweetest dad,” and in the upcoming docu-series, Rosanne revealed that she and Johnny mended their relationship at a show one night. Johnny invited her to stand on the stage with him to sing “I Still Miss Someone,” and Rosanne recalled, “He worked out all his problems onstage, and that happened with me that night with him. It just all got fixed.”

Rosanne Cash poses with her father, Johnny Cash, in 1978. (Adam Scull/Photolink/Mediapunch/)

2. She has scooped four Grammy Awards. Rosanne followed in her fathers footsteps of receiving multiple Grammy Awards and nods. She boasts 15 nominations from the prestigious music award show, and won four of those: “Best Americana Album,” “Best American Roots Song,” “Best American Roots Performance” and “Best Female Country Vocal Performance.” She has released a total of 14 studio albums. Releasing albums in the double digits seems to run in the family, since Johnny put out 93 albums in his lifetime!

3. Rosanne is a New Yor

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