Coronation Street spoilers: Mikey North reveals whether Gary Windass will exit

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Being a Coronation Street villain often puts a shelf life on a character – especially when they have killed more than one person. But while actor Mikey North admits that Gary Windass has crossed a fair few lines, he doesnt rule out some kind of future redemption for his alter ego – and has ruled out that he will be leaving any time soon.

He told Metro.co.uk: Ive always said that Id rather go in a blaze of glory as it were, leaving bodies behind, so Im happy either way. If this does become Garys last hurrah, which I hope it doesnt, then its a great story to be involved with. I think as time goes on with this story in to next year, I think hes become more calculated, because hes had to. Theres going to be a more calculated side to Gary coming out over the next sort of 12-18 months.



So far I can just about be redeemed for it, but he is getting deeper and deeper into things as were going to see over the next few weeks, to a point of no return really. I suppose there is a point of return, but like I say, hes becoming more calculated and scheming as it were and desperate, I suppose. Things are going to take a big turn in a few weeks, so hes got some big decisions to make in the next six months and that will probably decide which path he goes down. I know there are things planned well into next year.

But even if Gary does ultimately kill again, Mikey was keen to insist that this doesnt mean he is going anywhere.

He emphasised: Iains always said that he wants to make him more in the mould of like a Mike Baldwin sort of long-term thing like that, which is great for me, as opposed to someone thats kind of a cold-blooded killer. Iain said its by no means an exit storyline for me. This is not an exit for Gary. But obviously producers come and go over the next few years, but Iains specified thRead More – Source




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