Clothes Call: Inside the TV Season’s Most Fashion-Forward Ensembles

Shiona Turini

Favorite looks? I loved Issa's quitting outfit. It was a pair of jeans that she has worn previously. I paired it with a basic T-shirt, but I loved the blazer. It felt like a signal of “O.K., we're growing up, we're moving on.”

Favorite episode to design? I loved all their baby-shower outfits [in Season Three, Episode Six]. I got to have a lot of fun with the other girls. Issa's baby-shower look was more sophisticated than what she's probably worn in the past. And Molly, she wore that pink Oscar de la Renta top and a slim pant.

Most unusual sources? I work a lot with these two black girls—they have a business called BLK MKT Vintage. It is super-collaborative. I'm able to say, “This is a feeling, this is what I'm looking for.” They help source things.

Rarest item you've found? Some of Issa's vintage T-shirts. Like, she wears this really great Al Green T-shirt, and it was about love. I wanted something that wRead More – Source


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