Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle will make Joe Tate pay for blackmailing Debbie into a relationship

Cain will make Joe pay for blackmailing Debbie in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Conniving Joe Tate has Debbie Dingle exactly where he wants her in Emmerdale as he has blackmailed her into a relationship with him against her will – holding the knowledge that she was involved in the acid attack that his ripped apart Ross Barton’s life.

With Ross devastated to have been told that Joe and Debbie are back together, Debbie is sickened to be having to spend so much time with Joe. And he isn’t backing off either as he demands daily contact with her and insists that she attends a golfing function with him.

He even picks out the dress that he wants her to wear and when Charity sees it, she is impressed – until she learns who bought it. She can’t get her head around what Debbie is playing at and Pete is equally disgusted as he has a go at Debbie for toying with Ross’ emotions.

When Charity learns the extent of what is going on, she wastes no time in feeding back to Cain who sees red and plans to deal with Joe in his own unique way. Tailing Joe in his car, he prepares for a showdown – but will he get violent and will his reaction put an end to Joe’s plot?

Cain will make Joe pay for blackmailing Debbie in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

It remains to be seen how far Cain is prepared to go but when Joe has set his sights on what he wants, it will take more than threats to stop him. Will he continue to use the acid attack evidence as a weapon or will Cain manage to turn the tables?

Debbie’s very future depends on it, either way…

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