Corrie star Sean Wilson admits Martin Platt role led to his kids being targeted

Corrie star Sean Wilson admits Martin Platt role led to his kids being targeted
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Coronation Street star Sean Wilson has opened up about the effect his fame in the show had on his children while they were growing up. Admitting that they were targeted due to being related to the Martin Platt actor, the returnee admitted that it could be difficult at times.

Speaking to, he said: ‘Well, my kids are 20 and 18 now – my daughter’s really into all of the soaps so she’s definitely excited that I am returning.

‘My son says he only heard about it a few days ago. I ring and text and he doesn’t pick up – that’s a 20-year-old for you!

‘When you’re in the show, you’re not only in the show, you and your family do carry the Street with you. The kids carry it to school and sometimes the teachers carry a little bit of the prejudice as well. My children have grown up with Coronation Street whether they’ve liked it or not. And it’s made them strong people for it.

‘They were singled out for their complete life in school and I’ve had to step in once or twice and then it straightens the situation up and then it reoccurs. It’s alright being in a show but your whole family have got to be prepared to carry it.

‘My daughter’s going off to uni and she’s got two unconditional offers for forensics, so she’s strong because of that.’

Martin tries to help David in Coronation Street
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The actor also revealed that it was great to be reunited with his fictional child – aka Jack P Shepherd, who plays David. He enthused: ‘It was weird but Jack is still Jack and Sean is still Sean and we didn’t take long to fall back in. In between scenes we’ve been catching up with each other, family wise, what you’re up to and what you’re into and we’ve been talking about food.

‘He says he can’t cook and he wants to surprise the people he’s with at the moment so I gave him a recipe for chicken which I have promised will blow their minds. He’s going to try it!’

Reflecting on his Corrie memories, he added: ‘We were blessed with so many good storylines. My undying need throughout those storylines was to take viewers on a journey so the one I enjoyed it the most when it all came together was when I was doing the storyline with Jill Halfpenny where we had this relationship where we just fell for each other in the end.

‘They gave us so much air time that the viewers could actually come on that journey with us as well and feel the love that we were feeling between each other.’

But as for whether Martin will find a spark again with Gail, Sean laughed: ‘I think he will stay well away from that! He’s the only husband left alive, isn’t he!?’

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