EastEnders spoilers: Jessie Wallace reflects on Redwater as Kat Moon’s Walford return ‘brushes over it’

Jessie Wallace reflects on Redwater as Kat's EastEnders return 'brushes over it'
(Picture: BBC)

The last time we saw Kat Moon, she was lying lifeless on a rock in the ocean in EastEnders spin-off Redwater. Now, as the character returns to Albert Square for the next chapter of her story, Jessie Wallace has revealed that the events of the Ireland based series are brushed over.

Explaining that it is referenced a couple of times, Jessie told during a recent chat that the Kat that we see back in Walford is the EastEnders Kat as opposed to the re-invented version of the character we saw in Redwater.

She said: ‘That’s mentioned a few times, and she sent a postcard. It’s brushed over. I was actually worried because the way that I was in Redwater, I felt a million miles away from Kat Slater, the whole costume and everything, and when I knew it wasn’t going to a second series, I thought “where do I go from here, where does Kat go from here?”

‘But luckily John (Yorke, show boss) has brought me back and I asked him “Please let her be full whack Kat!” and she is, and I’m so pleased – I’ve got the cleavage out, the red lips, the red nail varnish, the leopard print. I just love it, I love putting all her clothes on and getting back into the character again.

Jessie Wallace plays Kat Moon in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

‘I really missed her. It’s a character that we’ve created over the years and she’s such a strong character and the look – there’s not another character like that, so it was great coming back to it.’

Admitting that she wasn’t disappointed that a second series of Redwater wasn’t commissioned, Jessie shared that she felt strange playing Kat as Kathleen but assures us that she did enjoy the experience as a whole.

She mused: ‘I enjoyed it, it was lovely being in Ireland, beautiful place, I got to see my family out there, I spent a lot of time with Shane. But it did feel odd playing a character that I’ve played for so long and taking her out of that environment and putting her somewhere completely different and having a whole different look, that felt a bit odd.

‘But I did love it. I loved working with all the actors, it was a great cast. I wasn’t disappointed that it didn’t go to a second series – I just wanted to come back here!

‘I did have this fear that I’d be watching it one day and Stacey would pick the phone up and go “Oh, Kat’s dead.” I always had that looming over me. So I was lucky, I’ve been really lucky. I love John to bits and it was like “I’m going home now, I can’t wait.”’

And we can’t, either!

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