10 TV shows and films to watch on Netflix this Mother’s Day

10 things to watch on Netflix this Mother’s Day
So much love for mums (Picture: REX features)

So you’ve done the whole breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolates thing or a Sunday lunch out.

Now you want to continue the Mother’s Day celebrations by settling down on the sofa to watch something on Netflix together.

From star-studded rom coms, tear-jerking period pieces to masterful cult horrors and gripping family dramas, here’s a look at nine relevant films (and one TV show episode) about all sorts of matriarchal figures that should help to finish the day off in style.

Mother’s Day

The final movie from the late director Garry Marshall, Mother’s Day received a critical mauling on its 2016 release (its Rotten Tomatoes rating stands at 7%), but you couldn’t really have this list without it.

Rom com favourites Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts lead the ensemble cast in a film that brings together three generations in the week leading up to the titular celebration.

If you enjoyed Marshall’s other much-maligned holiday comedies Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, you may well be able to stomach all the schmaltz.

If not, you can always just sit back and laugh at just how actively bad the whole thing is.

Mothers And Daughters

Released in the same year, this indie drama also features a whole host of familiar faces (Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Christina Ricci, Mira Sorvino) in an interweaving tale of motherhood.

Thankfully, the watchable Mothers And Daughters isn’t quite as cloying as the above, but despite its strong cast, there are times when it still feels like little more than a glorified Lifetime TV movie.

Another Mother’s Son

Based on a true story, this poignant WWII drama celebrates the bravery of a Jersey widow who took in a Russian prisoner of war during the German occupation of the Channel Islands.

Jenny Seagrove (Judge John Deed) plays the ‘another mother,’ while John Hannah, Amanda Abbington and none other than Ronan Keating provide strong support.

The Babadook

The Babadook certainly won’t be everyone’s idea of a Mother’s Day movie, but alongside all the psychological scares, it also serves as a testament to the hardships of motherhood.

The story of a widowed mother desperately trying to cope with her hugely troubled six-year-old son, this cult classic boasts a mesmerising lead performance from Essie Davis, who was unarguably robbed of an Oscar nomination.

Mamma Mia

If you want something a little more feelgood, then you could always turn to the sing-along phenomenon that is Mamma Mia.

Yes, the big-screen transfer of the ABBA jukebox musical amounts to little more than A-list karaoke, but just go with it and its unashamed sense of camp soon becomes difficult to resist.

Fun Mom Dinner

The latest women-gone-wild comedy to emerge in the wake of Bridesmaids sees four mothers attempt to bond during a supposedly harmless night away from their pre-school kids which, of course, soon turns rowdy and raucous.

Despite a cast including Toni Collette, Paul Rudd and Adam Scott, Fun Mom Dinner bypassed UK cinemas altogether.

But while it doesn’t hit the heights of its obvious inspiration, it’s still an enjoyable enough addition to the genre which at a refreshingly short 81 minutes doesn’t outstay its welcome.


You’ll need your tissues at the ready for this powerful drama based on the true story of an Irish woman’s 50-year attempt to track down the son she was forced to give up for adoption.

The unsurpassble Dame Judi Dench deservedly landed a fourth Oscar nomination for her leading performance, but she’s matched by a surprisingly nuanced Steve Coogan as the journalist who helps her on her quest.

A Mother’s Instinct

Also based on a true story, this intense psychological thriller examines the lengths that a mother will go to in order to protect her kids.

Josie Bissett stars as a single parent who takes justice into her own hands after realising that her creepy neighbour is responsible for the abduction of her 12-year-old son.

Mr Mom

It’s safe to say that Mr Mom hasn’t aged particularly well – the entire premise is based upon the novelty of a man becoming a stay-at-home parent.

But this broad 1983 comedy still contains plenty of laughs, while also serving as a reminder of just how hard looking after both kids and a house can be.

Master Of None (Parents)

If you feel like you haven’t been spending quite as much time with your mother (and/or father) as you should, then this masterful second episode of Aziz Ansari’s Master Of None will probably hit hard.

Indeed, you’ll soon be phoning your nearest and dearest after watching Ansari’s Dev and his best friend Brian gradually realise that the parents they used to see as a chore to visit have sacrificed everything to give their kids a better life.

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