‘Tully’ Trailer: Charlize Theron & Mackenzie Davis Chase The Baby Blues Away

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Night nannies “take care of the baby at night so mom and dad can get some sleep,” he says. “I don’t want a stranger in my house,” his near-comatose sister replies. “That’s like a Lifetime movie where the nanny tries to kill the family and the mom survives and she has to walk with a cane at the end.”

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Parents of infants or toldders — or maybe even a teenager — will relate to the above exchange, even if many might think the night nanny concept is a red-eyed fantasy. That scene between Mark Duplass and Charlize Theron opens the first full trailer for Tully, the new comedy directed by Ivan Reitman and penned by Diablo Cody (watch it above). If those auspices sound familiar, Theron starred in Reitman and Cody’s 2011 film Young Adult, and the writer and director also teamed on the 2007 chestnut Juno.

In Tully, Theron plays a mother of three, including a newborn, who is gifted with smiling night nanny Tully (Halt and Catch Fire alum Mackenzie Davis). “I’m here to take care of you,” the young woman announces. “I’m just not used to people doing things for me,” Theron’s Marlo replies. She is heistant at first, but the two end up forming a bond. Ron Livingston also stars.

Producing the Bron Studios/Right of Way Productions/Denver and Delilah Productions and West Egg production is Bron’s Aaron L. Gilbert; Right of Way’s Reitman and Young Adult producer Helen Estabrook; Cody and Mason Novick; and Theron, A.J. Dix and Beth Kono via Denver & Delilah. Creative Wealth Media Finance’s Jason Cloth and Andy Pollack are executive producers.

Young parents: Put down the rash cream, unplug the bottle warmer and check out the trailer above. Then, for God’s sake, get some rest.Filed Under:

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