Seeing An NHL Game In A Football Stadium Is An Incredible Experience

Every hockey fan on the planet needs to check out a game in a football stadium.

I used to be very against the idea of playing hockey games in football stadiums. I thought it was beyond dumb. Well, that was a very incorrect take.

A buddy of mine called me Saturday afternoon and told me he had some tickets to the Washington Capitals game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, which was being played at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

It took essentially no time to figure out the logistics, put a crew together and head over to Annapolis. I was mostly looking to just pound a handful of drinks, and my expectations weren’t high. Again, I doubted that outdoor hockey in a football stadium could work.

It absolutely works and sets an incredible atmosphere. Explosions were going off, fireworks were being fired and an F-18 roared through the air as we walked into the stadium. It was pretty chilly, but our alcohol blankets were also keeping us cozy.

Beautiful rendition of the National Anthem before we get started at Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium!

— NHL on NBC (@NHLonNBCSports) March 4, 2018

I became a fan of football stadium games the moment a fighter jet buzzed over my head. My opinion changed immediately.

Yes, watching hockey in a football stadium is a bit weird. It’s certainly not normal. However, what you lose in game watching ability is immediately made up in just how damn cool the whole experience is. Now, I understand that I can’t speak for all stadium games, but I know that I had a hell of a great time in Annapolis.

It was an experience, it was fun, the people were going nuts and it made me change my mind. Look, it’s never a bad situation where you get to go to a city, pound some beers, get a little lubricated with booze, spend time with the guys and throw in a little outdoor hockey. People who think the former activities aren’t fun shouldn’t be allowed to be in this country. They clearly can’t be trusted.

I would recommend bundling up because it can get cold. You can either bundle up or get really drunk. Those are your options. The other option is to just combine the two, which I would say is likely the most accurate description of what happened.

I never thought I’d enjoy an outdoor game. I turned out to be 100 percent wrong. It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong, and I was incredibly wrong.

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