Gary Oldman considering return to Oscar-nominated Churchill role with sequel and stage play

Gary Oldman considering return to Churchill role with sequel and stage play
Oldman took home the Best Actor prize at the Baftas (Picture: BBC)

Gary Oldman currently seems like a sure bet to win the Best Actor Oscar at Sunday’s Academy Awards for his performance as Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour.

But Oldman may in fact be about to return to the role of Churchill as he plans to adapt a short story once written by the former British prime minister for the stage.

‘It’s [about] the ghost of his father, Randolph, who visits him in his studio at Chartwell [Churchill’s country residence],’ revealed Oldman of the 1947 book called The Dream.

‘It’s two people, not an expensive thing to do. It might be something I’ll try and get on its feet. I long to go back [to the stage]. It’ll be quite terrifying, I’m sure, after 20 years.’

Gary Oldman considering return to Churchill role with sequel and stage play
ldman (right) as Churchill (Picture: Focus)

There’s also the chance that Oldman may find himself back in the make up chair for long hours as he transforms himself into Churchill as there is also talk of a potential sequel which mzy focus on the Yalta Conference of 1945, with Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

‘There could be [a sequel], he said speaking at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film & TV, ‘because at the end of the war, there’s the summit with Stalin and [Roosevelt]. Roosevelt’s a great character; he’s on his way out. So maybe.’

Oldman has won nearly every award going this season for his portrayal of the great Churchill in the days leading up to the Dunkirk evaucation of British troops in 1940.

His odds are currently 1-25 which suggests punters believe his win is a near certainty.

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