Hollyoaks spoilers: Kidnap shocker destroys Lily Drinkwell and Prince McQueen’s wedding?

Hollyoaks star reveals all as kidnap twist destroys Prince and Lily's wedding
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The wedding day of Lily Drinkwell and Prince McQueen is set to be thrown into chaos in Hollyoaks when the groom is kidnapped by his own dad, Shane. Will the big day be sabotaged – and will Lily realise that Diane Hutchinson has played a huge part in the sabotage?

Since the youngsters decided that they were going to get hitched, they have faced a lot of conflict from adults who reckon they aren’t going to make it. Worried that being married to Prince will trigger Lily’s self harm again, Diane takes action and wants to do everything she can to stop the marriage going ahead.

Lily prepares to marry Prince in Hollyoaks
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Meanwhile, oblivious to what is being plotted, Prince celebrates his stag night with brother Hunter and mate Alfie Nightingale but Goldie makes a call to Shane, telling him that he needs to take action to stop their son getting wed.

The guest arrive for Lily and Prince wedding in Hollyoaks
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With Diane and Scott also helping, Shane kidnaps Prince and while Diane is initially horrified by the lengths he has gone to, she chooses to go along with it when she has an opportunity to release Prince and declines to take it.

However, Prince manages to escape and faces a race against time to find something to wear, get ready and make it to the church where his beloved wife Lily is waiting for him.

Speaking about the moment that Lily thinks she has been stood up by Prince, Lauren McQueen, who plays the bride, told ‘She gets out of the car with Tony is so excited but when she sees the McQueens acting strangely, she eventually figures out that he’s not here and thinks she has been stood up and that he doesn’t want to marry her. She’s heartbroken at that point – she thinks it’s all over and she thought it was going to be the best day of her life.’

Prince is missing from the wedding in Hollyoaks
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And how would Lily feel if she found out that Diane was involved in the potential breakdown of the wedding day? Lauren warned us: ‘She’d be so heartbroken – she has already warned her not to come between them so she would feel so betrayed if that did come out.

‘Fans are really rooting for Lily and Prince – but some wonder why she is giving him another chance as he has messed things up so many times! But others just really want them to be together and for Lily to be happy – and Prince does make her happy.’

Hollyoaks star reveals all as kidnap twist destroys Prince and Lily's wedding
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She added: ‘They are young and it is crazy that they are getting married but she is so passionate about him and feels so strongly – so she thinks why wait – I might as well just go for it. She actually forced Diane to sign the forms – so she really wants it to happen! Filming it was so strange though.

‘Obviously I have never worn a wedding dress before and having Nick Pickard walk me down the aisle at a McQueen wedding was just weird – I never thought I’d ever do that. It’s Hollyoaks though – it’s so exciting that you get to do these exciting scenes.’

Contemplating what the future will hold for her alter ego, it’s clear that Lauren wants Lily and Prince’s wedding to go ahead. But from an actor’s perspective, she wouldn’t want any happiness to dilute her chances of acting out dramatic and gritty storylines.

Hollyoaks star reveals all as kidnap twist destroys Prince and Lily's wedding
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

She pondered: ‘I want Lily to be happy but I do love the chaos and the challenges that she has to go through. I wouldn’t want it to be too easy for her – it’s fun doing exciting things that shock the audience so hopefully there will be some surprises along the way…’

Will he arrive and will the wedding go ahead – and will Lily discover the shocking truth that her own aunt Diane was involved in trying to destroy her wedding day?

One to watch: Monday 5th March at 7pm on E4.

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