Emmerdale spoilers: Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller reveal what’s next after Robert and Aaron reunite

Emmerdale stars reveal what's next for Robron after their reunion
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It’s been a long wait – but Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle are finally back together and looking to the future. And that’s a future that includes a summer wedding! As Aaron and Robert dealt with their issues and agreed happily to give things another go, things finally look bright for the much loved pair.

We caught up with actors Ryan Hawley (Robert) and Danny Miller (Aaron) to chat about the scenes and what will come next for the pair. And as they speculate what the wedding could bring for the pair, they’re looking forward to seeing some hopefully positive reactions from the fans who continue to passionately support the relationship.

Hooray – Robron are back together at last, that must be a relief?

Ryan: I think we will see a lot of relief from the fans. But we’ve enjoyed a lot of the stuff that we’ve done and since we’ve been here – it’s nice to get back to working with him every day.

Can you talk us through the episode?

Ryan: Robert gives his number to the good looking extra – Mike. He’s a good-looking guy, they’ve chosen well (he laughs). He’s coerced into getting back out onto his feet and finding someone because he’s seen Aaron getting on with his life and his relationship with Alex. Robert is manhandled, well, woman handled, by Bernice into the back of a taxi and taken on a night out with the girls, which he’s obviously reluctant to do. At the bar, they all have a few drinks and eventually get around to dancing and they introduce this guy over, the sexy guest actor, he’s a nice guy, and then Aaron comes into the bar and sees them together.

Robert and Aaron get back together in Emmerdale
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Danny: Robert sees Alex is living with Aaron, but he doesn’t know that Aaron has reluctantly invited him to move in because of the boiler and he’s got problems with his mum and he’s got problems at work after having been suspended. I don’t think Aaron sees it as a how it’s supposed to be, like they’re moving in and moving on to the next level. Robert has put two and two together and made six, and Robert thinks Aaron is moving on. Aaron obviously still has those feelings for Robert, which we saw on Valentine’s Day. He decides to follow onto the girl’s night and try and win Robert back. He goes to tell him how he’s spoken to Alex, and how he’s finished with Alex, and as soon as he says that, Mike the sexy guest actor comes in and says Robert and he are going back to his for a few drinks, obviously doesn’t invite Aaron and Robert and Mike head off and Aaron thinks that’s that.

But Robert hasn’t left with Mike, he’s had second thoughts and Robert goes back to the garage where they got married just after a year ago…

Ryan: At the garage, Aaron thinks there’s burglars in there and goes in to see them and sees Robert sat there wallowing in self-pity. Then he goes over and they start to sort things out, and they spitball all the things that are keeping them apart and all the relationships and the lying and dishonesty from Robert. Now that there’s this baby and it’s about whether Aaron can cope with this situation; the constant reminder of the mistake – they talk their way through it.

Danny: They’ve done a great job of scripting the episode and I think the interesting thing is that Robert always reels off his emotions and what he’s thinking and at this particular time, it’s Aaron who does that.

Ryan: Aaron lists off ‘ten things I don’t hate about you’.

Danny: But there’s only seven! But it’s good, it’s really well written and it’s about them moving on and being happy.

How will Liv feel about them getting back together?

Isobel Steele (Liv): I don’t think it’s going to be easy for Liv to feel the same way about Robert which she did before the cheating storyline, because it takes a while for her to open up to people, especially people she’s not related to. I think she knows more than anything it’s for Aaron. It’s not about those two, it’s more about Aaron and what’s best for the both of him. I think they must get over that and move on and forget about the past.

Is Chas supportive?

Danny: Yeah, she’s fine with it. She’s got her own stuff going on with Paddy and I think she realises life’s too short and just says she’s fine with it. We get the mother’s approval early doors.

Will you be watching for a fan reaction?

Danny: I’m expecting my Twitter feed to calm down and for everyone to stop asking ‘when are you going to get back together?’ I think there will be lots of love hearts. It is a nice episode and I think people can get back to where they were before with it. I think it said before in the script that Aaron is trying to get past the whole Seb thing and if anything, try to be there for Robert and the baby.

Are they both in a better place to make it work?

Ryan: I guess you could say yeah, the failure of their previous attempts has seen them learn things about themselves and they’re more mature now and willing to make sacrifices they wouldn’t have done before anything happened. I guess we’ll see. It is soap, anything can happen.

What does the future hold?

Robert and Aaron talk in Emmerdale
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Danny: I think this is it for them. I think all the high drama stuff is done. And I think a different side of them is shown, this is the happier side of life. They’ve got Liv there, they’ve got Seb to look after as well, and there’s every reason why they should.

Ryan: It is a complete family that they’ve got of their own. Robert, Aaron, Liv, Seb and even Gerry is in there – it’s a nice little unit they’ve got. It’ll be good to see them stick together.

Danny: We’ve been promised there’s no more tears!

What’s it like working with the baby?

Ryan: The baby is an absolute pleasure. A natural. She’s an angel.

Danny: She’s a happy baby. She’s always smiling and there’s never a fuss.

Are you still amazed by the level of support you get?

Danny: Yeah, and especially after everything. They’ve stood by it, and they love it. And that’s hopefully what we’re going to do, reward them with a Robron episode.

Ryan: The fact that they’d write an episode like that, it shows how important it is to us as well as to the show, that people are that passionate about these characters and it is an incredible thing to have and we’re both very grateful for it. And we obviously want these episodes to be as good as those people are expecting. So I just hope that people are pleased and enjoy it. One thing that is just odd though is those pictures. Man, the drawings! I look like Michael Myers in some of them, with the Halloween mask! (laughs)

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