Kim Kardashian West Shares 7 Exercises to Get Her ‘Toned Butt’: ‘I Love Seeing the Results’

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Kim Kardashian West‘s butt is an icon by now — who can forget her epic Paper magazine cover? — but it takes a ton of hard work in the gym to get that backside.

But there’s good news for anyone who wants to balance a champagne glass on their rear end — West’s trainer, Melissa Alcantara, is sharing the seven moves you need to get her “toned butt,” and you can do them in any gym.

“My trainer Melissa has been kicking my a– lately,” West, 37, wrote on her app. “Her butt workouts are so hard, but so worth it. I love seeing the results!”

Try out Alcantara’s “booty-blasting fitness routine” with the below moves.


“Start with a glute-activating move like a kickback. Get into tabletop position with your knees and hands shoulder-width apart. Lift one leg and, with your knee bent, push your leg up until your thigh is parallel with the floor. Do five sets of 30 on each side, alternating legs.”

Back Squats

“Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a weighted bar on the back of your shoulders. Then, squat for four sets of 12-15 reps.”

Sumo Deadlifts

“Place a barbell on the floor. Stand with your feet spread wider than your hips and toes pointed out. Make sure to keep your knees in line with your toes! Then, squat down to grab the barbell with both hands between your legs. Next, press through your heels, stand up and thrust your hips forward while holding the bar with straight arms. Repeat this move for four sets of 15 reps.”

Closed-Leg Press

“On a leg press machine, keep your feet close together and in the middle of the paddle and make sure your knees are touching the whole time. Bring them all the way down to your chest, keep your chest up and shoulders back. Do four sets of 15.”

Weighted Hip Thrusts

“First, sit on a bench with a weighted bar on your lap. Then, lay down and move to the end of the bench so that only your neck and shoulders are resting on the bench. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle with your feet flat on the ground. Next, drop your hips toward the ground, with your hands still holding onto the weight across your lap. Right before your hips reach the ground, squeeze your glutes to lift your hips back up toward the ceiling. Do four sets of 15 reps.”

Hip Abduction Machine

“On a hip abduction machine, sit with your knees together and press your legs outward. Sit forward and hold onto the front sides of the machine to really activate your glutes. Repeat for three sets of 20 reps.”

Standing Calf Raises

“Rest your hands on a wall and stand on your tip toes. Hold the position and then lower your heels back down. Make sure to keep your knees slightly bent the whole time. When you go all the way up on your toes, count one second, then engage your core on the way down. Repeat four sets of 30.”

Bonus: Cardio Finisher

“At a level-six speed, do the StairMaster for 20 minutes. This is one of my go-to exercises for cardio and for putting the finishing touches on that built booty. I highly recommend doing this right after the butt workout!”

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