One man said he wasn’t happy with how Black Panther represented Africa and the internet came for him

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One man critiqued Black Panther over its representation of Africa and people went wild
one man’s tweet about Black Panther made people pretty mad, but some of the tweets are LOL-worthy indeed (Credit: Rex – Twitter)

Black Panther is fast being put on a pedestal by Marvel fans new and old. Its popularity is even expanding beyond that of the brand’s MCU.

In fact, it’s so damn popular that it’s now the second highest rated film of all time on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, some people aren’t that impressed with the story of King T’Challa and his fight to lead Wakanda into the outside world. Trolls already targeted the film without seeing it, and a small minority of critics have blasted it, claiming it ‘doesn’t live up to the hype’.

And it would seem that fanboys (and girls) have had enough of the negativity, as one man found out when he said he wasn’t all that happy with the film being set in a fictional African nation.

Taking to Twitter on Friday – when the film hit cinemas in the US – one user, @ENT_NH asked: ‘Why didn’t they tell the real rich history of Africa instead of some fictitious place called Wakanda ?’

why didn't they tell the real rich history of Africa instead of some fictitious place called Wakanda ?

— BALTIMORE NHENT (@ENT_NH) February 16, 2018

Now essentially this isn’t the most negative line of questioning that Black Panther and its cast have faced to date, but his lack of research into the character and Marvel’s canon of comics itself seemed to really niggle people.

And when we say niggle, the internet pretty much came for him…

why are you this dense and from my city bro? I guess Thor should've been a Viking documentary

— Colin Kaepernigga (@Natrone410) February 17, 2018

Guardians of the Galaxy should’ve accurately depicted the Milky Way

— terra ryzing. (@_adrxante) February 17, 2018

Captain America: Civil War should've taken place in 1863.

— larry ?? (@theREALLarbear) February 17, 2018

Why ain’t they have a real arachnid play spider man?

— young castro (@YoungCastro42) February 17, 2018

Asgard has a serious poverty problem that they’ve yet to address in 3 movies.

— DJ M. Night Shenanigans (@screwyoumegn) February 18, 2018


The top four put downs we just listed have even been given their own place in internet history (well for the time being anyway), as they’re being shared under the title: ‘Unarmed man murdered by 4 killers’.

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Despite the initial reaction his tweet received (which did have its supporters too) Baltimore came back with a reply defending his statement, adding he totally got that the film is based on a comic but that didn’t negate his original question.

He was promptly told he was ‘stretch armstrong reaching’ with his argument, and things seemed to tail off there.

I'm sticking to my what I tweeting earlier ……although it's a "comic" the producers still wanted to tell a narrative of " Africa" my reaction was why didn't they just tell the truth about the land instead of making it fiction …

— BALTIMORE NHENT (@ENT_NH) February 16, 2018

Clearly not too hurt over the jibes, he’s continued to tweet across the President’s Day weekend – which saw Black Panther break box office records – and even made light of the whole Twitter storm.

So, we guess all’s well that ends well… at the moment.

Wakanda forever!

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