Elizabeth Swaney Is The Olympic Troll The World Deserves

Olympic freestyle skier Elizabeth Swaney has taken the world by storm after she successfully trolled her way into the Olympics.

Swaney, who is American, captured the attention of the world after she competed for Hungary in one of the funniest ski runs you’ll ever seen.

How freeskier Elizabeth Swaney made it to the #WinterOlympics with this very simple halfpipe run:

— NBC Olympics (@NBCOlympics) February 20, 2018

She was eligible for the Olympics due to the fact she essentially found a loophole that allowed her to take a spot on the Hungary team, which didn’t fill all of its skiing quota spots for the 2018 winter games. By simply finishing in the top 30 in two world events she qualified for the Olympics, according to NBC Sports. Swaney pretty much refused to attempt tricks and just banked on other people falling or getting hurt, and sliding into the top 30. It worked like a charm.

Lots of people out there might hate Swaney, but I can’t be more on her side. She is the queen of trolling, and brought it all the way to the Olympics. The haters can shut the hell up.

The #Olympics are just a giant farce these days. When athletes like #ElizabethSwaney go “country shopping” it’s become a debacle. She was born and raised in the U.S., is an American citizen, and competed for Venezuela before competing for Hungary in 2018. @iocmedia

— Tom Prefect (@Stubborn_Truths) February 19, 2018

#ElizabethSwaney (US) gamed the system, used her grandparents to join the Hungarian team. No tricks. 30/100. Last place.
Which is only one place better than me!

— Kevin Ryder (@thekevinryder) February 19, 2018

Least surprising news: US-born not-good-skier w #TeamHungary#ElizabethSwaney finished dead last in #Olympic#halfpipe qualifying. But she achieved her childhood Olympic dream, qualifying for#PyeongChang2018 by showing up at World Cup contests for 2 years.

— Jason Blevins (@jasonblevins) February 19, 2018

“That’s right kids, you too can get into the Olympics just like Elizabeth Swaney.

1. Have enough money to travel the world competing in skiing events for 2 years.

2. Make sure the events have less than 30 competitors.

3. Place in the Top 30.”

— #VoteThemOut 202-224-3121 (@KsKM3) February 19, 2018

Look, you should absolutely be celebrated if you successfully game the system and get into the Olympics. Anybody who acts like they wouldn’t have done the exact same thing is a complete liar. I wish I had been smart enough to think of something this diabolical. Don’t blame Swaney because the system can be exploited. Blame the idiots who made the rules.

Finally, you know that she’s the life of the party in the Olympic village. I have no doubt that everybody wants to party with the American who showed up to make a mockery of the games. I would crush beers with her in a heartbeat.

Well done, Swaney. Well done indeed.

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