Deadpool takes his Unicorn fetish back to the cinema but just what is with the sexy horse hang-up?

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Deadpool takes his Unicorn fetish back to the cinema but what's with the sexy horse thing?
Deadpool takes his Unicorn fetish back to the cinema in a new marketing campaign, but just what is up with that? [Twitter/deadpoolmovie]

Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, is a bit of a conundrum, a maverick with seemingly no real qualms about murder – though he’ll only kill those he deems deserve it (which is nice of him).

It’s safe to say that even if you’re not familiar with the comics then you’ll know the Merc With A Mouth has some liberated views on the world. In fact, one of the biggest talking points around the first movie was the character’s sexuality.

Deadpool is pansexual and therefore finds himself attracted towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity. This is something that’s widely shown in the print universe, but wasn’t really touched on in the first movie.

What Ryan Reynolds and the team behind the HUGELY successful film did was bring out the character’s quirks and rogue sense of humour. After all, there’s nothing Wade loves doing more than breaking the fourth wall.

And, while it’s not known if Ryan or the team behind the untitled sequel have touched on this, their latest round of promotional goods in the cinema seem to hint that his Unicorn will be making an appearance.

A new cutout snapped by one movie goer in the US sees Deadpool riding his stuffed plushy, but really this isn’t something that should surprise anyone given Wade’s intimate nature with the stuffed mythical beast in Deadpool.

A quick scene in the first movie showed Ryan Reynolds’ character holding his toy locked in intense eye contact while he ‘de-stressed’ himself at an opportune time.

The mystical animal also makes an appearance in the closing credits of the film, which were animated.

Also, as part of the film’s release on Blu-Ray and DVD a special neon pink cover featuring Deadpool riding a full-sized unicorn first appeared as part of the deluxe vinyl release from Fox Home Entertainment and Milan Records.

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‘But WHY unicorns?!’ We hear you ask.

Well, the general theory as to why a seemingly non-clopper (a person who is sexually attracted to ponies, perhaps specifically those in the My Little Pony franchise) would masturbate to a unicorn on screen seems to be that Tim Miller (director of Deadpool) and his writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick believed it was a way to infuse the character on-screen with subtle easter eggs and clues as to his pansexuality.

In an interview at the time of the original Deadpool’s release in 2016 Reese, referring to reports about the character’s sexual orientation, told Variety: ‘We knew that was part of the comics. We wanted to honor that in the movie. But we did it in subtle ways.’

‘There’s veiled references to it in this film. It’s in the DNA of the character,’ added producer Simon Kinberg.

Whatever the meaning and symbolism of the unicorn is in the Deadpool franchise, if the marketing team are bringing it back in their pre-launch push it’s most likely very safe to say the one-horned creature will be making an appearance at some point in the film alongside Ryan.

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