Emmerdale spoilers: Liv Flaherty kisses Gabby Thomas as her asexuality leaves her confused

Liv kisses Gabby as she is left confused by her asexuality in Emmerdale
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Gabby Thomas has been left thrown in Emmerdale following a surprise kiss from her best friend Liv Flaherty but not half as confused as Liv herself, who is struggling to come to terms with understanding her asexuality.

After the teenager recently admitted to Belle Dingle that she doesn’t fancy either girls or boys, Emmerdale appeared to confirm that they would be the first soap to explore asexuality as a storyline and Liv tried to speak to Gabby about it as they waited for Jacob Gallagher to turn up.

Liv opens up to Gabby in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

They had invited him to the cricket pavilion in order to set him up with Gabby but Jacob got the wrong end of the stick as he actually has a soft spot for Liv and bought her a Valentine’s card in the hope that they could find some romance.

But as Gabby asked Liv who she fancied, Liv again told her that there was no-one – either male or female. Gabby deduced that she was probably just fussy as Liv asked her what it feels like to fancy someone and, feeling under pressure to feel something, Liv pushed herself to plant a kiss on Gabby.

She immediately regretted it and apologised to Gabby before fleeing and running into Jacob – who was left confused by her behaviour too. In the wake of this, Liv will try and explain the kiss to Gabby – but will it come across that she is trying to figure out being asexual rather than her actually having romantic feelings for Gabby?

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