9 soap couples from EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks who need to get together

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As Robron reunite, 9 other soap couples who should definitely be a thing
(Picture: ITV)

Are Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden going to get back together this Valentine’s Day? The signs are looking pretty good from this picture, right? Things start heating up in the kitchen between Robron, when Robert helps Aaron prepare a romantic dinner for Dr Alex Mason. Which leaves Aaron with a mega dilemma – which of the fellas would he rather spend Valentine’s Day with?

So that got us thinking, which other characters in soapland do we want see get back together? OK Cupid, help us out here to spread a little love and possibly even unite some unexpected soap favourites who would be a perfect match!

Steve McDonald, Becky Grainger and Karen Phillips

Imagine if there was a soap special (maybe for the 60th anniversary of Corrie in 2020?) and Steve’s ex-wives Becky (played by Katherine Kelly) and Karen (played by Suranne Jones) both returned to Weatherfield! Who do you think Steve should get back together with? We reckon there were more fireworks with Karen, especially when Steve’s other ex-wife, Tracy Barlow got involved and the claws came out! Mostly we’d be excited if there was an epic showdown between Becky, Karen, Tracy and Steve’s most recent wife, Michelle Connor. Brill!

EastEnders – Karen Taylor and Masood Ahmed

As Robron reunite, 9 other soap couples who should definitely be a thing
(Picture: BBC)

OK, so things didn’t get off to a very good start between Karen Taylor and Masood Ahmed last month when the mouthy mum and former postman went head-to-head for a job at the newly re-opened laundrette. But we reckon Karen secretly fancies Masood – she’s certainly been ogling his bum a lot! So far there’s no sign of the Taylor kids’ dad(s) and since Masood’s own grown-children no longer live in the Square, he could be a great father figure for Karen’s rowdy bunch, Keanu, Keegan, Riley, Chatham and Bernadette.

Kathy Beale and Phil Mitchell

You can’t blame Kathy Beale for wanting a break from men for a while. Her last husband, Gavin Sullivan, forced her to fake her own death as part of an insurance scam. Then more recently, Kathy came face to face again with James Wilmott-Brown, the man who raped her 30 years ago. But if Kathy is gonna end up back together with anyone, it will probably be Phil Mitchell. Phil’s not exactly a dream catch with his grouchy temper and past booze problems, but the pair do have a son together, runaway Ben. Plus Phil helped Kathy come back from the dead a few years ago. And that’s no easy thing to do!

Sharon Mitchell and Mel Owen

OK, so if Kathy and Phil ever decide to reunite, where would that leave Phil’s current wife, Sharon Mitchell? Well, we kinda like the idea of Sharon and Mel Owen becoming Albert Square’s new power couple! OK, we realise the bossy blondes have no romantic interest in each other but their lives have both been made hell by Phil in the past, they both have teenage sons by men who are now dead. Plus with Sharon’s plans to re-open R&R with Mel as the new manager of the local nightclub, the pair are channeling the spirits of dead sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell who used to own the club. We miss Ronnie and Roxy around Walford way so it could be fun to see Shazza and Mel as the new power blondes in charge!

Emmerdale – Graham Foster and Charity Dingle

As Robron reunite, 9 other soap couples who should definitely be a thing
(Picture: ITV)

We are loving international man of mystery Graham Foster, especially since he karate chopped those baddies who bulldozed the Dingle house. We still don’t know much about the connection between Graham and new village villain, Joseph Tate. But with Graham already disapproving of many of his nasty dealings, he and Charity would make a great pair to team up and put a stop to Joseph and his dastardly dealings. And Charity won’t just hook up with any old bore – Cain Dingle and Ross Barton are both former lovers. So maybe Graham could be her man?

Brenda Walker and Eric Pollard

As Robron reunite, 9 other soap couples who should definitely be a thing
(Picture: ITV)

Brenda is going to be in for some big heartbreak when she finally discovers her hubby, Bob Hope, had a one-night stand with Laurel Thomas, wife of Bob’s late best friend, Ashley. Will Brenda stick with the love-cheat or should she find herself a new man? We reckon Brenda and Eric Pollard would be a good fit and not just because Lesley Dunlop and Chris Chittell are hitched in real life. Eric has pretty much been rattling around at home by himself since the death of his beloved wife, Val, save for some on/off trysts with Faith Dingle. If that weren’t to work out, perhaps he needs someone calmer in his life, like Brenda. In a recent episode he was seen dancing around to classical music in his underpants – so that might amuse Brenda who could do with a laugh at the moment!

Hollyoaks – Maxine Minniver and Adam Donovan

Everyone in soapland knows Maxine and Adam belong together, even if Adam did ditch Maxine to get back together with his scheming ex-fiancee Darcy Wilde. But, hey, we all make mistakes, right? But this week in Hollyoaks, ‘Mystic’ Myra McQueen is out to convince Maxine that Adam’s still her man and she should give him another chance. After all, that’s what Myra’s fortune telling cards are saying? Can Myra work her powers on Maxine and Adam and reunite the couple?

Ste Hay and Harry Thompson

OK, so Ste does still think Harry was to blame for the death of his ex, Amy Barnes last year. So Ste needs to hurry up and find out it was really Amy’s killer copper husband, DS Ryan Knight whodunnit. Then Harry’s name will be cleared and he and Ste can totes get back together again. Which is what everyone wants, isn’t it?

Cindy Cunningham and Dirk Savage

Dirk has recently been getting closer to neighbour Misbah Maalik since getting the boot by his wife, Cindy. But even though Dirk is in Cindy’s bad books at the moment we’re certain she still loves him. Dirk would definitely jump at the chance to get back together again if Cindy would just let him get a word in edgeways!

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