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Somebody Needs To Kill This Gigantic Pig Rummaging Through Garbage Immediately

Gigantic pig raids dumpster (Credit: Screenshot/Facebook Video Photo of David Hookstead

8:49 AM 02/13/2018







A gigantic group of pigs were captured on camera, and one of them had no problem standing up to get at a dumpster. reported the following details on the video:

An enormous wild boar was caught on camera rifling through a garbage dumpster outside a school in Hong Kong. Video of the encounter posted on Facebook has gone viral, with thousands of shares and comments.

The video shows the feral pig standing on its hind legs as three younger piglets standing around the dumpster eagerly awaiting a bite to eat. The adult pig grabs trash bags in its mouth, trying to free the delicious garbage from the confines of the dumpster.


Somebody needs to get a gun, and slaughter that thing immediately. Grab an AR-15, load it with armor piercing rounds and don’t stop firing until that beast of an animal is dead. We simply can’t allow massive pigs running around on our streets. It’s the first step towards a Godzilla situation.

I wouldn’t even hesitate to waste that thing if I saw it. I would have bullets in the air so fast that your head would be spinning. Would I feel good about it? Absolutely not, but it has to be done. Absolutely would hate to do it, but there’s simply no other choice. Besides, at least we’re going to have plenty of bacon.

Before PETA and all those other losers jump down my throat, you all know deep down that I’m right in this situation. It’s really easy to act like you love animals until something of that size is chasing you down. No thanks. I’ll take a gun, open fire and sleep like a baby.

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