New X-Men mystery movie will ‘centre on’ Kitty Pryde and could be a horror like Ridley Scott’s Alien

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New X-Men movie could be a horror like Ridley Scott's Alien and star just one mutant
Tim Miller and Brian Michael Bendis will be making an X-Men movie based around Kitty Pride (Credit: X Men – Rex)

The rumour mill was sent into overdrive yesterday when it was revealed that Fox is already planning another X-Men movie, despite the fact neither Dark Phoenix or New Mutants has hit cinemas yet.

And as news of Tim Miller and Brian Michael Bendis’ collaboration on project ‘143’ has whipped up a justifiable amount of excitement, a report has now confirmed that the movie will star Kitty Pryde (AKA Shadowcat) in a standalone role.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Deadline’s initial rumours that Bendis (who wrote various X-Men comics during his almost 20 years at Marvel) will pen the script while Deadpool’s Tim Miller will direct.

But, on top of that, THR’s sources have also confirmed the untitled and super mysterious project will revolve around Kitty – a move set to please fans of the comics.

New X-Men movie could be a horror like Ridley Scott's Alien and star just one mutant
Sources say project 143 refers to Uncanny X-Men’s Demon story line, which sees Kitty go solo (Credit: Marvel comics)

The project’s code name is reportedly a reference to Uncanny X-Men No. 143, which is one of the earliest stories Kitty appeared in. It was also her first solo adventure in which she faces a demon alone in the X-Mansion.

The 1981 comic story is titled Demon and sees Kitty left alone at the X-Mansion on Christmas Eve. Things take a turn for the worse when a demon entity known as N’Garai attacks.

New X-Men movie could be a horror like Ridley Scott's Alien and star just one mutant
The character has appeared in the X-Men franchise before, played by Ellen Page (Picture: Photo by 20th Century Fox/Marvel Entertainment)

And if there was anyone doubting that this was going to be something along the lines of a horror movie, then they should look at issue 143 which plays out scarily like Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece, Alien.

Not only does the demon look slightly like the xenomorph from, but the comic plays out a lot like the movie when Ripley becomes the sole survivor aboard the Nostromo.

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Kitty has long been a fan-favourite in the X-Men franchise, first appearing in the Eighties in the Uncanny X-Men series, and has since gone on to play an important role in the Marvel print universe.

Her mutant power is the ability to phase, meaning she can pass through solid objects. She’s previously appeared in the X-Men movies in passing, played by Ellen Page. She was also a central character in the cartoon X-Men: Evolution.

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