Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster issues a dark threat to Debbie and Cain Dingle after acid attack horror

Graham issues a dark threat to Cain and Debbie after Emmerdale acid attack
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Graham Foster has shown his more menacing side once again in Emmerdale – and he has left even the mighty Cain Dingle quivering in his boots following a very pointed and dark threat. Graham has sussed that the acid attack which has left Ross Barton in hospital was meant for his friend Joseph Tate and made it clear to Cain and Debbie that he knew they were behind it.

As a tense Debbie talked to Cain and he urged her to go and see Ross in order to keep up appearances, Graham entered the room and warned them that he was aware of what they had done. They instantly denied the accusation and Cain tried to get tough with Graham but there is no fooling this guy.

As Graham branded them liars, he warned them that they all care about someone and to bear that in mind if they ever dare come near Joe again. As Debbie was thrown into a panic, Cain watched Graham and it was clear that he had been left unnerved by how serious Graham meant his threat.

Graham wants answers about Ross' acid attack from Cain and Debbie in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

We are still in the dark over what Joe means to Graham and what lies in his past but there will be no doubt in the minds of fans that if Graham wanted to make Cain and Debbie pay for what they had become involved in, then he would.

But will he keep their secret? Or will Ross discover Debbie’s involvement?

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