Emmerdale spoilers: 4 things that must happen with Vanessa and Charity’s relationship

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4 things we must see happen with Vanessa and Charity's relationship in Emmerdale
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Vanessa and Charity – known affectionately by Emmerdale viewers as Vanity – are a pairing that I don’t think anyone saw coming! Charity had previously had a brief fling with Vanessa’s father Frank Clayton so it came as a bit of a shock that Vanessa would have had any interest in her, especially after all the blackmailing Charity had been up to against her dad.

The two have gained quite a lot of attention on social media and Emmerdale viewers are rooting for them, hoping that this relationship is one that will last. It goes without saying they are bound to have their ups and downs (after all this is soap we are talking about) but here is a list of things that must happen with Vanessa and Charity to make for a successful relationship:

A softer side to Charity but then again not too soft!

Charity can be pretty ruthless when she wants to be. She once set up her cousin Sam Dingle for a crime he didn’t commit for an insurance pay-out, she put her daughter Debbie’s business at risk with dodgy car dealings to make some quick cash and blackmailed Vanessa’s father – and that’s just scratching the surface! Although in her defence the intentions behind the blackmail were good in that she was trying to help Debbie raise the money for granddaughter Sarah’s treatment.

Vanessa makes Charity jealous in Emmerdale
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Perhaps Vanessa could be the one to tame Charity, although she is very much a law unto herself so that may be near as damn impossible. We wouldn’t want Charity to lose that edge we love about her! Having said that, we have seen Charity to be the one to do the chasing which is very unusual on her part. Vanessa has said she is not into Charity’s games and has often told her what she thinks of her and this is something Charity has never been used to. As she said before their first kiss in the Woolpack cellar, ‘I like a challenge’ and I think Vanessa is just that which she finds intriguing.

A naughtier side to Vanessa

Maybe Charity could influence Vanessa to be more adventurous and be a bit of a risk-taker. Charity often pokes fun at Vanessa’s sensible and cautious attitude to get her attention. However this doesn’t work with Vanessa. The Charity that we know has never cared about what people think of her. She is very much ‘what you see is what you get’. However, Vanessa’s opinion has proved to matter to her as she has looked very wounded whenever she says something to hurt her.

This is particularly demonstrated at the end of this clip and Marlon’s face is an absolute picture! I think he was just as surprised as Charity that Vanessa had the courage to challenge her. Vanessa had shown her feisty side and feistiness is something Charity certainly doesn’t lack meaning the two of them together could potentially create all kinds of mischief with Charity’s influence.

No cheating stories!

Emmerdale have been no stranger to cheating plots as of late and viewers have seen Robert cheat on Aaron, Frank cheat on Megan, Pete cheat on Leyla, Bob cheat on Brenda and now David cheat on Tracy!

As much as cheating stories capture viewer attention, it can be quite tedious seeing it happen over and over. So for Vanessa and Charity ,maybe instead of cheating we could see them have angst in other ways. Maybe Charity could get them involved in something dodgy that puts them both at risk.

Plenty of comedy scenes like this:

More of this playful banter please!

And this…

Vanessa was flattered when Charity stuck up for her which resulted in the two sneaking off to the cellar taking Vanessa by surprise.

‘Who will serve?’ she asked.

‘Who cares Vanessa?’

I’m loving Charity’s spontaneity and I feel this is something that may well rub off onto Vanessa.

A recipe for disaster or a match made in heaven?

I can definitely see a future for Vanessa and Charity. They both have very different personalities (they do say opposites attract) with Vanessa being very sensible and Charity can be quite childish in her ways but Vanessa would never be bored, that’s for sure! I think scenes up until now have certainly proved that both are drawn to the differences between them and I think we can all agree that their chemistry is magnetic.

Also I particularly loved this scene where Charity finally told Vanessa how she felt:

‘I do actually care about you a bit…quite a bit! And yet that’s not something you’re gonna hear everyday or at all from me.’

It seemed quite awkward for Charity to say but very sweet at the same time. I never thought I’d put Charity and sweet in the same sentence but there you go!

For someone that often hides her true emotions I think this was a big step for Charity and I can absolutely see the two of them bringing out the best in each other. There was also a glimpse of spontaneity from Vanessa when she stated ‘There’s no one in at mine’ which would suggest that Charity is already starting to bring out Vanessa’s more adventurous side. It will be interesting to see where their relationship is headed and I’m sure it will be nothing short of exciting!

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