Coronation Street spoilers: First look as Martin Platt returns for David’s male rape storyline

First look as Martin Platt returns to Corrie for David rape storyline
(Picture: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

It’s no secret that Martin Platt is heading back to Coronation Street in coming weeks and actor Sean Wilson, who has agreed to reprise the role as David’s dad 13 years after his much publicised exit. Despite insisting back in the day that his relationship with the show was done, Sean is now filming a handful of episodes as part of a dark male rape storyline.

At the moment, David is building a friendship with mechanic Josh and as they grow closer, Shona Ramsey will grow frustrated as David spends more time with his new mate than he does with her. But things will soon take a terrible turn when Josh drugs David.

David is thoughtful with Martin in Coronation Street
(Picture: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

David will realise that he has been attacked by Josh and the show will then explore the aftermath of the ordeal, with boss Kate Oates recently revealing her intention to explore David’s mental health in the wake of what he has been through.

Martin wants to help David in Coronation Street
(Picture: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

It remains to be seen whether he will open up about what happens to him but location pictures show him in an unfamiliar house with his dad Martin. This suggests that Martin doesn’t actually return to the Street but that David will go and visit him.

David visits Martin at home in Coronation Street
(Picture: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

As the pair talk, there is some clear strain between them but has David come clean about the rape and will Martin be the one to help him through this and encourage him to speak out and bring horrible Josh to justice?

Corrie is not giving away what happens between Martin and David but it can be confirmed that Sean is only back for a small stint at this stage, with no revealed plans yet for a longer term return down the line.

Sean Wilson is back in Coronation Street as Martin Platt
(Picture: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

David’s struggle will kick off next month after Josh’s despicable attack but it seems that Josh will remain on the Street even after what he does. Can David face seeing him every day – and can he summon the courage to take his fight to the police?

Sean Wilson and Jack P Shepherd as David and Martin Platt in Coronation Street
(Picture: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

Sean and Jack P Shepherd were seen catching up between takes and Martin doesn’t seem to have changed one bit since he left the Street back in 2005 with his girlfriend Robyn, with whom he has since had more children.

Martin talks to David in Coronation Street
(Picture: Mark Campbell/MCPIX)

Martin’s biggest storylines over the years were his attempts to build bridges with Nick, his stalking ordeal from nanny Carmel, his split from Gail after his affair with nurse Rebecca and his controversial relationship with teenager Kathy Harris, which led to her killing her dad.

Sean’s tenure in the soap ended when he refused to carry out a storyline which would see Martin start a relationship with an underage girl.

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