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Italian Police Brutally Beat Antifa Protestors Attempting To Crash Right-Wing Memorial Service

Police clash with antifa (Screenshot / Ruptly) Photo of Liam Clancy

2:26 PM 02/09/2018







Italian police in Pavia, Italy clashed with “anti-fascist” protestors attempting to disrupt a right-wing memorial service dedictated to Italians killed by communist partisans Wednesday, Ruptly reports.

The service was dedicated to the victims of the Foibe massacres, mass killings perpretated by communist-backed, anti-Axis Yugoslav partisans against the local Italian population.

The Italian government sought to memorialize the victims of the Foibe massacres in 2004, passing Italian Law 92 to create a holiday named the “National Memorial Day of the Exiles and Foibe.”


According to Ruptly, the mob of “anti-fascist activists” bypassed police cordons and attempted to disrupt the the memorial service. Police then engaged the mob when clashes began to break out between the anti-fascists and the right-wing demonstrators.

The police managed to push the “anti-fascists” back down a long alleyway, away from the memorial service.

Memorial services dedicated to those killed in the Foibe massacres are generally popular among the Italian people, but radical left-wing groups view the events as “neo-fascist revisionism,” according to RT.

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