Emmerdale spoilers: Bob Hope dumps Brenda Walker to be with Laurel Thomas?

Bob is leaving Brenda for Laurel in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Bob Hope is set to make a staggering decision in Emmerdale as he decides to leave Brenda Walker in order to be with Laurel Thomas – but how will Laurel respond to his proposition and will Brenda finally discover the truth about who he slept with?

With Harriet Finch having spotted a moment between Laurel and Bob, she confronts Laurel about it and while Laurel admits it, she tells Harriet that she wants to pretend that it didn’t happen. However, it’s clear that she has feelings for Bob, which she is pushed into admitting.

Harriet confronts Bob over Laurel in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

When Laurel gets emotional and tells Bob that she has come clean to Harriet, he feels guilty about the position that he has put her in and he realises that it’s time that he decided what he wants once for all and that he needs to confess to Brenda.

When Bob then goes missing and is nowhere to be found, Brenda worries that he has left her while at home. Laurel watches a video of Ashley advising her on what to do regarding whoever she falls for next.

As Laurel is torn and upset by the memories of her late husband, Bob arrives and tells her that he doesn’t want Brenda – he wants her! As he tells her that he knows she feels the same, Laurel is stunned.

Laurel is shocked by Bob's decision in Emmerdale
(Picture: BBC)

But what decision will she reach and will the pair make a go of things? Or will Laurel tell Bob that he needs to focus on Brenda?

One to watch: Tuesday 13th February at 7pm on ITV.

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