Emmerdale spoilers: Ross Barton’s acid attack horror triggers the end for Debbie Dingle?

Ross acid attack horror triggers the end for Debbie in Emmerdale?
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There are some haunting and traumatic scenes ahead in Emmerdale as Ross Barton becomes the victim of an acid attack which will change his life forever – and Debbie Dingle is indirectly to blame for the devastating experience.

Determined to get revenge on Joseph Tate for everything that he has put her and her family through, Debbie instructs drug dealer Simon to mess Joe up. While it seems that she doesn’t explicitly ask Simon to throw acid in Joe’s face, he arms himself with the corrosive substance and attacks – but he mistakes Ross for Joe.

Ross is left in absolute agony and rushed to hospital and Debbie is horrified at the consequences of what has happened. Can she – or Ross – ever forgive her for what has happened? Whether they can or not, fans are indicating that they might not be able to.

Blaming Debbie for the attack, many fans are suggesting that Debbie will need a serious comeuppance for this and there is no legitimate way she can remain in the show as normal after causing something as horrifying as what happens to Ross.

Tbh Joe is a piece of shit but for Debbie to get an acid attack arranged and then for Ross to be accidentally hit instead of Joe is vile. Hope #Emmerdale get Debbie and Simon locked up for it.

— Charlie (@_ChaChaCharlie_) January 30, 2018

I don't care how beloved an @emmerdale character or actor is. #emmerdale may have had the #Dingles getting away with many crimes but it would be irresponsible & disgusting to have Debbie escape jail for deliberately arranging an acid attack.

— Megan Kerr (@MegDeeBee) February 1, 2018

Just read a spoiler article about what’s going to happen to Ross because of stupid Debbie and now I’m even more Annoyed with her #Emmerdale

— Heather H (@Hlynn310) January 31, 2018

It remains to be seen whether Ross will discover that Debbie was the one who hired Simon and whether he can ever find it in his heart to forgive her but this will inevitably change the dynamic of their relationship forever.

And, no matter how guilty Debbie feels about what has happened and how far revenge has gone, it’s clear that some fans may never forgive her for this.

Of course, the scenes have still to play out so most fans will withold full judgement until they do but it won’t be an easy watch as Ross faces his toughest ordeal to date – so soon after losing his brother and his mum.

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