Coronation Street spoilers: Violent fight breaks out as David Platt tackles racist thugs

Corrie pictures reveal mass brawl as violence breaks out
(Picture: Paul Cousans/Zenpix)

All hell is set to break loose in Coronation Street as a mass brawl breaks out when David Platt and his new friend Josh come to the aid of Alya Nazir when she comes face to face with the racist Parker brothers who she believes killed Luke Britton.

David is at a leisure centre training with Josh ahead of the charity boxing match in Luke’s memory when they happen to come across the Parker brothers who viewers will recall were racially abusive to Alya during a business meeting and later returned to take revenge on Luke.

David and Josh attack in Coronation Street
(Picture: Paul Cousans/Zenpix)

While it was Pat Phelan who killed Luke, Alya is certain that the Parkers were the ones behind his demise and, as she clocks the numberplate on their BMW, a tense showdown breaks out as they all come face to face. As Alya has it out with the aggressive siblings over Luke, David and Josh wade in and punches fly.

Alya tries to break up the fight in Coronation Street
(Picture: Paul Cousans/Zenpix)

As violence explodes, viewers will get an insight into the darker side of Josh who most know at this stage will go on to drug and rape David in one of the show’s most controversial but important storylines to date.

The brawl in Coronation Street
(Picture: Paul Cousans/Zenpix)

Pictures showed the fight scenes being filmed and Jack P Shepherd (David), Ryan Clayton (Josh), Sair Khan (Alya) and Brooke Vincent (Sophie) were all involved. But what the consequences of the brawl will be remains to be seen.

Stunt directors and fight co-ordinators were on hand to support the filming but the cast were clearly relishing the opportunity to get stuck into the action packed scenes.

Josh is punched in Coronation Street
(Picture: Paul Cousans/Zenpix)

But as the Parkers deny murder, will Alya start to suspect that all is not what it seems with Luke’s death? And will David bearing witness to Josh’s violent side lead him to become wary of the man who is set to destroy his life?

Corrie will air these scenes next month.

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