Will Storm feature in Black Panther sequel? Chadwick Boseman isn’t a fan of the X-Men and T’Challa romance

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Will Storm feature in a Black Panther sequel? Chadwick Boseman seems to think not
Chadwick Boseman doesn’t seem to be a fan of Black Panther’s relationship with the X-Men’s Storm (Marvel Studios, Disney)

Black Panther hasn’t even hit our screens yet, but the hype is REAL.

So naturally all thoughts are already turning to where the MCU could take the King of Wakanda next, but it seems that Chadwick Boseman and one of his co-stars are already ruling out one huge story line from the comic.

Namely the marriage of T’Challa and Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm from the X-Men.

Asked by how he’d feel about a sequel addressing the romance and marriage that has been so widely popular with fans of Marvel’s print universe, the 41-year-old star asked: ‘Are you trying to break up my relationship with Nakia? It sounds like that’s what you’re doing right now.’

Shedding some light on how tight he and his co-star Lupita Nyong’o (who plays Nakia) have become on the set of Black Panther, he followed up with: ‘Have you talked to Lupita yet? I challenge you to ask her that question.’

So… that kind of seems like a no.

Chadwick Boseman at Black Panther red carpet
Asked if fans could expect to see his character’s romance with the X-Men come to life in a sequel, he played down the possibility(Picture: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

As it turns out Lupita, 34, feels quite strongly about the whole thing too, as she told the website: ‘I’m not happy to talk about this, at all! I feel very territorial. That’s my king!’

The two stars have already seemingly talked about the direction the Black Panther stand alone films should head in, as Lupita said she told Chadwick he’d ‘have a problem on his hands’ if Storm turned up in Wakanda with romantic intentions.

Long-standing Marvel fans, especially those of both the Black Panther and X-Men franchises, might be particularly disheartened to hear that the Black Panther series could seemingly throw away such a huge part of T’Challa’s persona and character.

The relationship between the two stems back to 1980 when Black Panther’s origins were slightly retconned to include a meeting with a young Storm.

Lupita Nyongo Black Panther
His on-screen love interest and co-star Lupita Nyong’o said she told him he’d ‘have a problem on his hands’ if Storm turned up in Wakanda with romantic intentions (Picture: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)
Will Storm feature in a Black Panther sequel? Chadwick Boseman seems to think not
A possible move such a integral piece of both characters’ stories in the comics could upset many Marvel fans (Picture: Marvel Studios)

The pair were revealed to have shared a happy period in their young lives as Storm travelled from Egypt through Kenya and beyond. She helps to save T’Challa from being abducted by Andreas de Ruyter, a pro-Apartheid regime flunky.

Storm and the Black Panther then confront de Ruyter in modern day New York as he tries to assassinate them, the pair then part ways with the comic saying that despite their feelings they can never be more than friends.

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This is proven to be false, however, as in 2006’s Black Panther Vol 4. Issue 18 the pair are married following an adventure in Wakanda.

The move would also dash hopes that following the Fox Disney merger the X-Men could be seen sooner rather than later in the MCU.

Could Disney and Marvel Studios really be planning to erase such a huge story line for both Storm and the Black Panther?

Black Panther hits cinemas in the UK from February 12.

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